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Sunday, December 31, 2006

LUCY, I'm Home!

I received an early Christmas gift with the news that my honey would be able to come home after a 5 month abscence almost to the day, December 22 nd. "Lucy, I can come home today!!" were the words that I heard over the phone early that morning. "What???"" Oh my goodness, I'm glad I cleaned the house last nite! (what strange things I think, huh???) Of course I was more than happy to hear him on the other line with such nice news. Many of you know the situation around the abscence so I won't go into it here, but suffice to say after a very trying last half of the year, we started our new beginning in a very positive manner. Surrounded by family and some friends and at Christmas, what more could we ask for.

It has been a whirl wind week since last Friday, with tons of travelling here and there, visiting, shopping, cooking, wrapping, cleaning, more cooking, more shopping, looking for jobs for him, getting transportation secured so he can get to his job, get togethers with family, and yesterday we started on a project mentioned here .
Way to much food, but it was worth it! One new recipe I tried was "Crab Rangoon Dip" with homemade wonton chips. MMMM, that was really good and different.

As you can see, all the activity tuckered
out even the most hearty of contenders, my youngest DS. This picture is from early Christmas Eve afternoon. I snuck in and grabbed the moment as he lay so peaceful sleeping.

I had plenty of help in the kitchen, with my oldest more than glad to taste test anything, well almost anything. He passed on the crab stuffed mushrooms (my personal favorite) Christmas Eve, but gave the thumbs up to just about everything else!

DS opening gifts from Grandma, she knows how to drum up excitement even through the miles, the boys always look forward to Grandma's box arriving a few days before Christmas. (Okay, so do I :) I was good, I didn't even open it until Christmas Day. Much improved from my childhood sneaks through "Santa's workshop", huh Mom????

Here's a dark snapshot (seems to be a trend with my picture taking lately) of our living room after Santa paid a visit and before the little cherubs woke up.

Besides the 20, she sent a toothbrush which, hmmmm, had mixed reviews, but I'M GLAD she sent it, especially with all the candy and cookie eating as of lately, they need it more than ever!!

And my honey, opening his gifts slowly and carefully, soaking everything in that has occurred in the last 6 months, and just greatful to be where he is now, and greatful to be able to be home with us on Christmas day.

The kids had a lot of fun opening gifts and sharing lots of laughs and good food with our small family, but of course, my youngest had an announcement, to make.....which I'm sure many parents have heard at one point or another...."Well, I don't know what happened to my LIST, but I didn't get everything I wanted!" Grrrrrr....tears from Momma came streaming out...LOL....I had to go to the bathroom as I was so hurt, but Ken came to my rescue assuring me that once we had the air hockey table set up, he would be a happy camper and that's just how kids are.
Well, it hurt anyway to hear it but I wiped the tears away and tried to remember that its not about the amount of gifts or amount of money you spend, its the time as a family, the gift of love, the gift of Christ which is the reason for the season. Hmmmm,, it makes me think that I need to reinforce that with my youngest so he learns and remembers each year- why we celebrate Christmas.

I hope everyone who stops by and takes the time to read this has had a wonderful holiday with their friends and family and your 2007 is year that brings many blessings to you and yours.
Up next.....peek into my new projects and resolutions for the New Year!
Cheers! Lucy


Heidi said...

Glad you had a great Christmas. Looks like 2007 is going to be wonderful year for your family!

jungle dream pagoda said...

What a lovely Christmas,so glad your honey is home! Happy NewYear!

Paula said...

So glad to hear your family is back together! What better Christmas gift could you ask for? My oldest daughter has been in a similar situation to yours this year and her boyfriend was able to come home a couple of weeks ago, also.
Blessings to you, my friend, and a very happy new year!

Becky said...

I miss you my sister. I am glad you were not alone for the holidays. You are lucky. I am so blessed that I have you and nothing happened to any of you in that fire. Thank God for guardian angels. I Love you, Happy New Year