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Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's Snowing in the Carolina's!

It snowed in the Carolina's this week!!

I know for a good portion of the world, that announcement is fairly ho-hum, not newsworthy enought to be spotlighted. But, in Central North Carolina, we rarely have snow and when we do, just about everything stops. Most of the time, the local station will cut in for an all day forecast of what it's doing outside as the flakes pleasantly fall. (That's the snowflakes, I'm referring to.)Once the forecast is out a couple a days a head of time, you will be lucky to find a loaf of bread in town, and that's even before the first snow flake makes an appearance. Schools close the day before a snow fall, in preparation for the what if. I think back to my childhood in Dunkirk, NY and I believe I would still be in third grade if the schools there had the same policy!! Thursday was one of our first snow falls, and you guessed it, this little itty bitty snow closed our schools. Not our work, (wahhhh) as you will see in one of the last, we reported for duty just like every other day of the week.

View from my backyard (some of you know it as the location where I sneak in my yard sale finds as mentioned here).

Driving past the elemenatary school, it's quite obvious the kiddies were home still snuggled in there beds. Normally there is traffic up the wazoo here on a regular school day.

I made it to work okay, we opened the doors and were ready for business although most customers stayed indoors warm and cozy. We live in an area that has ooodles of luscious pine trees and above ground power lines, which in snowy and icy (primarily icy) weather, that means trouble. Trees topple over from the weight of the snow and ice very easily and we often times have power outages because of this during inclement weather. Not to mention we have no snow plows, so if the roads get glazed up or congested with the white stuff, we are on our own for weeks until one of the 4 or 5 plows in the state can make it to our neck of the woods to dig us out (okay,,,,so that is a slight exaggeration....but pretty close to the truth). We had 2 major storms about 4 and 5 years ago respectively that we were just plain old stranded for weeks. No power, no heat, no water, and definitely no driving, it's hard to drive when there are pinetrees laying across the road and craters of ice and unplowed snow. Forget it if you live in the country (like me) you aren't going anywhere anytime soon so hunker down. Anyway, Thursdays taste of Old Man Winter was just a teaser, most of the white stuff was gone by Young and The Restless and it was business as usual by Friday.

Speaking of snow, yesterday was Ground Hogs Day and my Mom and her beaux actually went to the festivities in person!!!! I have never heard of going to see the event as a vacation destination, but here they are, enjoying the Mardis Grasish festivities at the home of Punxsy Phil this week. I'm anxious to hear the details of their trip. Normally my Mom is a two chocolate on the pillow kind of vacation girl, so this is a big first in her travel log. I'm really anxious to hear how her accomadations were. They apparently stayed in a old school house turned hostel. In sleeping bags. Quite a journey from their trip to Cancun in October but interesting and something to remember nonetheless I'm sure. Okay Mom, looking forward to your report on Sunday (you will be calling me on Sunday, right???) :)
Last but not least, I just wanted to scream YIPPPPPEEEEE I actually won something this week!!!! I have been a longtime fan of Heather Bullard's blog, Past and Present Collection. She has a quiet, exquisite sense of style. Her photo's are just scrumptious, so well put together, lighting great and interesting content. Her latest project, abridal shower for her dear Step-Daughter has been the topic of blog posts for the last couple of weeks. She was planning on joining our Pink and Brown Swap, but emailed me just prior to the swap starting, that her obligations with the shower were forcing her to drop out this time. After viewing this, can you hardly blame her??? What an amazing shower she designed along with the help of some of the dear ladies in their family. As a tribute to the shower and her blog, she offered up a giveaway for her blog readers and you guessed it....I was one of the winners!! Oh my goodness, I am just drooling. Can't wait to receive my favor surprise pack. Look for photo's coming soon of my winnings :) A couple of other blog friends won, too, that "hang" out here from time to time : Rebecca and Linda T. Congratulations Ladies!!!!

Reminder----last shipping date for the Pink and Brown swap is February 7th. I've heard from several P&B peeps that they have shipped or are ready to ship so be expecting lots of goodies to be shared this coming week and early next!!! Share the goodness, share the love.....all in time for Valentine's Day!! Can't wait to see pics of all of your goodies!
Lucy....who stayed home from the yard saling today to post this update (don't you feel special) :)


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I was looking up ground hog day events on YouTube yesterday with my 4 year old. It was funny to see the real one vs. the one from the movie. I don't recall hearing any "wahoo" in the movie and there were so few people standing around. It was fun to watch. I think it is neat that your mom went to it. I'll be one of those shipping my swap on the 7th. I am very excited about it. I just love those colors.

Christy said...

Sorry you had to go to work. Hope you're keeping warm! :)

Sarah and Jack said...

Hey lucy, for some reason there is no comment button on your latest post. You haven't accidentally changed the settings?

Anyway, there are very good directions for changing your blog banner on this blog here:

My only additional advice is to change your code to add a width and height parameter, mine looks like this:

@media all {
#header {
background:url("") no-repeat;
margin-top: -20px;
padding: 0px 0 8px;

Yours will look a little different, because you use a different template, but you can just stick the height/width thing in the same place in whatever template you are using.

Lucy said...

Sarah---I did change the settings somehow..LOL. Probabably when I played with trying to get a banner last nite I must have changed it inadvertently. Comments are back, thanks for the heads up!

I've tried to use those settings and I'm just not seeing the exact spot I'm supposed to alter. I'm going to give it a rest and try again later tonite. Thank you for your advice!


Sarah and Jack said...

Lucy, maybe if you email me the code I can see the spot to change. Do you still have my email address from the swap?

I just changed mine again, and once you get the initial part figured out, it is pretty easy.

Becky said...

Hey Sis...back here in Dunkirk New York we have received well over 2 feet of snow this weekend on top of the close to a foot already here. There is no place to put it and it is -20 here with the windchill. We woke up to 2 degrees and yep, no school. Come on back home...we miss you!

Lucy said...

Bec---ummmmm I think YOU and the kids need to come here!!! -20 BRRRR, I think I will wait till summer to come home..LOL. Miss you, too! Love ME :)

Lucy said...

Sarah---just home for lunch but I'm going to try it again this evening, if it doesn't work I will be emailing you. Thank you for all your help and offers, you're too sweet :)


Bee said...

Brrr.... that snow looks chilly! I'm actually hiding from the sun right now, quite warm here today.
That is so cool seeing the groundhog pics. That would be a cute trip to make.