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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Thank YOU

Happy Thanksgiving!!!
First off....Thank YOU for reading my blog. I've enjoyed getting to know so many of you, and really cherish all your feedback and encouragement! Thank you thank you thank you!
There is so much to be thankful for, I find it hard to even know where to begin. The picture above is from my DS, who is in first grade. It says: My dog is fun. I love My Mom, I have a Dad. I like Cats. LOL. I love it. It's so simple but it pretty much says it all :) I hope everyone is making headway with their Thanksgiving preparations and you all are enjoying your family and friends and have a bountiful day with those you cherish. I think this year, one thing I have learned, is that in a simple second, your life can change. I would like to believe that I have learned not to take a single minute for granted. I wish that were true, but too often I find myself slipping back into old routines and not stopping to smell the flowers so to speak, or enjoy the moment. I look to the next hour, the next day, next week.....when really of all years, I should have learned to enjoy today. Now. The present. I'm trying and I do more so than I have ever done before, but not enough. That will be ONE of my resolutions this year. To slow down, to enjoy the present and make the most of it.

These decorations are more thrifty finds, the pumpkin is hand made and cost me a quarter, same with the berry swag. :) Love it.
Just a pic of my cornucopia I made a couple of weeks ago. The picture is to prove I have a table. My "studio" is cleaned, my table is cleared, and the furniture is rearranged so we can get our tree in. YIPPEE! I went on a major cleaning overhaul last nite after work until about 11:00, I was almost hesitant to start cooking today for fear of messing it up again!! I looked around, savored the cleanliness and THEN pulled out the flour, sugar, beaters and so it begins again. :)
Happy Thanksgiving!

Here's a pic of me and my boys from last Thanksgiving. My boys will be with their Dad this year (wahhhh) so I won't have another of these pics till next year (of Thanksgiving anyway).
Ds#2 lost BOTH front teeth this week!! I hope he can still eat some turkey without them! LOL


norththreads said...

Hi Lucy!
Great finds, did you actually find a baby alive??? Cute santa skirt! Thanks for the ornament recipe , IM going to get the kids to make some!

Lucy said...

Angie--no, I didn't see any Baby Alives, and dang, they are pricey on ebay aren't they?? Good luck in finding one!! Thanks for the compliments, let me know how your ornmanents come out if you end up making them :)

Sarah and Jack said...

Happy thanksgiving! I have been on a huge cleaning binge myself. BUT, the sewing room is moved and organized, and I feel accomplished!

jungle dream pagoda said...

What a great newyears resolution!"to slow down",it would be one I would never be able to keep! With our re-model there is ongoing clean-up and then back to everything covered in dust,its frustrating.

Rebecca said...

Great picture! Such handsome young men! And thanks again for the candy recipes. I am finally get caught up on all the email and blog reading I missed out on the last few weeks.