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Saturday, November 18, 2006

This is NOT a Tablecloth!

I might be slow as molasses but I am trying to make things with my fabric stash that I can use or give as gifts. I think that I'll make the gifts for next at the rate I'm going, I'll have one present ready for my family. Last year I made my Mom a scrapbook cook book which you can find in one of my September posts. I tried to link it but I guess since I didn't put a title on it, I can't link. Silly me. I was a baby blogger back then. Now I'm an infant one since I do know how to link thanks to my coworker at Imaginary

Today I am featuring my current (ahem ONE of my) WIP's. No, it's not a tablecloth like my DS thinks. It's a tree skirt. I cheated and bought the the Dollar Tree..of all places. I went to the biggest Dollar Tree I have ever seen today. It was the size of a Kmart for crying out loud. I spent 46.00 there, so you do the math. I had a cart load! I cut the crooked (not supposed to be crooked but I can't cut circles out apparently) circle out, hid my flaws with some thrifted lace, and sewed some ribbon around the cut for the tree and then I looked at it and thought, ummmmm now what. It's pretty plain! I went to the stash of stuff I bought today and took this little Santa wall hanging and pinned it to the skirt...yeah yeah..this will work...okay and now how am I to sew this on?? Well, apparently I'm not going to sew it with my machine. Either there is a trick that I don't know or it just won't work because I got as far as the boots and that's as far as my needle would plunge. Okay, I suppose I need to do like they did in the olden days (haha) and pull out my regular needles and let my fingers do the walkin' for the rest of it!

I will probably add some bows and who knows what else. I have imagination, I'm lacking the skills to get too fancy. Baby steps, I tell myself, baby steps!

I hope everyone is gearing up for a festive turkey day! Mine is going to be a little different than normal years. My Mom asked if I was going somewhere because she didn't want me to be I need to announce that yes I will be going somewhere, have no fear...I'll go to Ken's Mom's house. I like cooking though, so that's my I bought two turkeys anyway. I'll cook on Sunday for the kids and have another one saved up for Christmas. How could I resist at 37 cents a lb?? LOL It's very hard to cook for just a couple of people though, especially one those couple of people are picky eaters. If it isn't chicken nuggets or pizza, I'm dead in the water. Well, I'll cook it anyway and maybe this will be the year DS branches out and grows taste buds.



Mizfixit said...

You are too clever! And Santa is looking mighty cute on your treeskirt! I never would have thought of something like that. I love this idea!!!!! And yep, looks like you'll be appliqueing (is that a word??) him to the skirt...maybe a blanket stitch would work and save you time? I know I would go cuckoo trying to make the stitches small enough to hide them under Santa! Can't wait to see the finished design :)

Heidi said...

Those dollar stores can be danger. A dollar here, a dollar there, and next thing you know you've spent $48! Cut Santa, though, and I like the striped fabric. Candy cane-ish.

Paula said...

Your tree skirt is really cute. I can tell what it is! It'll look darling under your tree. We are going to my sisters for turkey day, but I, like you, bought a turkey anyway. We will be having our own dinner at home next Sunday, also, because a couple of the kids have to work and can't make it on Thursday. I'm looking forward to the cooking...

Heidi said...

Way to be resourceful! I think he's cute. Blanket stitch might definitely be the way to go with him.

You had asked in a comment you left on my blog how I made the ribbon garland so I want to answer you here so it doesn't get lost! Yup, I sewed them on. You use one long piece of ribbon for the base and put the other pieces perpendicular on both the front and the back side of the base ribbon. You pin them on and then just run a straight stitch down the whole thing. The pinning can take a while but the sewing part goes really quickly, and if you're like me and can't sew a straight seam to save your life, it doesn't matter! LOL

Happy Thanksgiving!

shirlee said...

Not knowing how heavy Santa is, could you use fusible web to stick him to the skirt? Or do you want to be able to remove him one day? If you wanted to add to the skirt, I could see a border of felt squares decorated as presents. They could be made 3D with ribbon bows. Great idea re-using something you already had.

VaxGirl said...

Oh that's so cute! A Dollar Tree as big as a K-Mart? I think I would swoon, lol!

Lucy said...

Thanks everyone for your comments and ideas!! I haven't done anything else on it this week, I've been trying to clean like a mad machine for the holiday and get things picked up in case anyone drops by!! I hope to finish it this weekend and will update! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Rebecca said...

Ha ha stay out of the dollar store! :) I can't believe I'm only seeing this tree skirt now! And seriously, it doesn't look crooked so stop saying it and no one will even notice. :)