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Sunday, November 26, 2006

She's making a list...

Alas, it's Sunday and I have the day before you have to go to work after a few day off blues. I did manage to get several things done on my list but not everything. I put a few things on my list that I knew I'd accomplish just to make myself feel better once they were that cheating??? I didn't do any crafts and made no headway on my tree skirt so I better get chugging along on the skirt at the very least if I want to use it for this year's tree! I made one stop at the thrift store on Friday, and I bought these pretty (old, but not quite sure vintage) pink bulbs, with a few assorted ones in the mix. The trifle bowl is also thrifted but from a couple of months ago. I purchased that for 3.00. Since I rarely make trifle, it's perfect to hold some assorted items throughout the year.

My Christmas decorations are a little sparse but I started with my mantle and so far so good. I used the stocking I made a few weeks ago as a decoration on the right. Thrifted tin planters hold a few assorted cards. I'd like to get a few pillar candles to place in the fireplace....okay add that to my ever growing to do list. I spent all nite Tuesday nite cleaning, Wednesday cooking and more cleaning, Thursday eating and ventured out shopping after dinner, Friday shopping and more cleaning, and Saturday more's my list for my mini vacation:

•Clean the house (check)
Start Decorating (check)
•Complete Christmas shopping (3/4 check)
•Christmas Cards (15 done, many more to go)
•Clean up Craft Room (umm, not even close to a check)
•Finish Tree Skirt (ditto)
•Complete Christmas trays (1/2 check, I finished the design and first paint coat)
•Cook for Thanksgiving (that was one of my gimme's...haha)
•Write a Thanksgiving post (check)
•Weed out DS's toys (nope didn't do that either)
•Wrap presents (I wrapped one, so I get 1/40th of a check)
•Clean Car (1/2 check, I cleaned the inside thank goodness it was a royal disaster area)
I feel like I did get a lot done, but there is always more that I coulda, shoulda...does anyone ever complete everything on their to do list?? If you do, please mentor me!
**Well, I'm having problems with blogger copying and pasting, and cutting pictures to move, everytime I've tried for the ending of my post, I get an error report and poof goes my post. So, I will do a shortened version of my ending since I have to type from scratch..LOL
List comes from Katemarie, a chat friend of mind on TOH BB:
1) Egg nog or Hot Chocolate: Definitely Hot Chocolate, egg nog...bleck!
2) Does Santa wrap presents or sit them under the tree? S(he) wraps everything except maybe a few small items in the stockings.
3)Colored lights on the tree/house: I always have just used white lights. It's from my Mother's gene's I think. We don't put lights outside.
4)Do you hang mistletoe? No, but maybe I should start!
5)When do you put your decorations up? Normally right after Thanksgiving. I don't try to rush Christmas, it's only fair Thanksgiving has her day too!
6)What is your favorite Holiday Dish? Personally, I love stuffed mushrooms which I only make on Christmas Eve. Even if I am the only one that eats them, I still make them and don't feel guilty enjoying them!
7)Favorite holiday memory as a child? Every Christmas Eve we would always have a grand party, one year we gave silly gifts to the children and the adults got some...hmmm..naughty ones. Then we made a Christmas music video with everyone a little liquored up singing Come Sail Away. That video was played for so many years thereafter kicking off the holiday season at Thanksgiving. It was also one of the last videos/pictures of my Grandfather who passed shortly thereafter.
8)When and how did you learn the truth about Santa? John K. in second grade broke it to me with no remorse whatsoever. Nasty kid....oh and I did have a crush on him, he was still nasty to me though.
9)Do you open a gift on Christmas Eve? We usually open the gifts we trade with friends on Christmas Eve. Growing up, we had our Christmas on Christmas Eve morning, then go to my Dad's Christmas Day morning to open gifts.
10)How do you decorate your Christmas Tree: This year, I have new ornaments. It will be "grinch green", bows, red and green ribbons, and a few assorted thrifted ornmanents I've found. be cont'd!!!
It was a gorgeous day in the Carolina's. About 75 degrees, hard to think of Christmas when it's so warm. But I'm getting used to it. It only snowed one year on Christmas since I've been here. That year was a crazy year. We were captive in our home (lived out in the country at that time without a snow plow in any county nearby us! Very different than where I grew up on Lake Erie, in Dunkirk, NY. BRRRRRRRR but at least they have plows and sand/ice trucks everywhere! Where I live now, if they even forecast snow, schools will be closed for days. If they did that back where I grew up, I'd still be in third grade.
Have a great week!


Heidi said...

Wait--you have your Christmas shopping 3/4 done??? Oh my god, you are amazing!

Paula said...

You accomplished alot more on your list than I did on mine. Way to go!! I really liked to read your christmas favorites list. What fun. Hey I think those pink bulbs fit into the vintage category. Really pretty...

VaxGirl said...

I love the pink ornaments in the trifle dish. I gotta wonder, does anyone actually make trifle? I can only remember Rachel making it on "Friends"; she put ground beef and peas in it because 2 pages of the cookbook were stuck together, LOL.

Lucy said...

Vaxgirl--lol--I've never seen that episode but what a hoot! I would have died laughing! I don't think anyone does make trifle other than maybe Paula Deen. So, bulb decorations are a good alternative to letting it collect dust!

Paula-what is the definition of vintage anyway?? Can anyone really tell me? I'm glad you enjoyed my list, thanks for stopping by as always, I appreciate your comments!

Heidi, it's hard for ME to even believe I'm just about done being the key word. I still have a lot I wanted to make that I hope to get to! Wish me luck!

jungle dream pagoda said...

you amazing busy-bee! I love the ornaments in the trifle bowl,always meant to do something like that ,but never had the right vessel.

norththreads said...

Your list sounds as crazy as mine!!!!!!LOL Hope your meltdown is getting better!