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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

List Part II

Cheap Entertainment on the nite before Thanksgiving. My son, the singer, or rather the screamer might actually better describe his singing style :) He loves to be in midst of the entertainment!
I have some goodies to post from some blog buddies of mine that were so kind to send me some neat things in the mail but I wanted to finish my "list" from Katemarie first, so here goes:
11) Do you like snow? On Christmas yes, the first snow fall yes, if I have to drive in it, no....if it lasts for 5 months then definitely no. Not that I have to worry about it much but occasionally it has happened. hmm....I think I have a picture of snow in the Carolina's not that blogger will let me insert it, that might have to be a seperate post :)
12)Can you ice skate? Not gracefully, not even safely.
13) Do you remember your favorite gift? Well, I was proposed to by Ken on Christmas Eve 2 years ago and that was a complete surprise. That nite, we went outside and there was a ring around the bright full moon. It was gorgeous, it was unique, never seen anything quite like that. So besides the complete surprise, our engagement, the beautiful ring, the beauty of such a unique moon was a great gift, we will never forget that nite, or that moon. We are not married yet. Maybe this year. We will see...lot's to work out yet.
14) What's the most important thing about the Holidays for you? Well besides the religious importance, I feel the most important thing about the holidays is being with family and the ones you love, remembering those less fortunate in what ever way you are capable of, and creating traditions and memories for the children to grow up with and pass on with their family's one day.
15) What is your favorite holiday dessert? Do I have to pick just one?? This isn't really dessert but I do love to indulge in fudge during the holidays. That's really the only time I eat it, my favorite being rocky road. :)
16) What is your favorite holiday tradition? I've always loved our traditional Christmas Eve parties growing up but even though I still have them, being 660 miles from my family, it's not really the same. So now, one of my favorite traditions is the Saturday before Christmas the boys and I eat dinner, get into our jammies, then go and get some hot chocolate at the convenience store and drive around checking out all the Christmas lights and displays. It's simple, but it's grown on us as a tradition that we always do.
17) What tops your tree? This year it will be a metal snowflake tree topper that I found at Kmart, in one of the Martha Stewart collection.
18) Which do you prefer, giving or receiving? Both! I love to surprise someone with a gift they mentioned ages ago...and to see the appreciation when they know I've been listening to what they said. But I also love to receive all those special somethings that are given with love, no matter what the shape or size. Ask my Mom, she'll tell you that I'm still a kid at Christmas and what I put her through begging for her to give me hints for weeks before the big day!!
19) What is your favorite Christmas song? I think it's by John Lennon but I also like the Melissa Etheridge version of "So this is Christmas".....Im bad with names of songs so if that's not it, forgive's something along those lines. I'd sing it for you but I'm not sure I'd have any return visitors if I did that!!
20)Candy Canes or Chocolate Covered Cherries? Candy Canes. Ooey gooey glumpy stuff turns me off.
21) Favorite Christmas Movie? I love the Christmas Vacation movies, but on the serious side, The Red Shoes made me cry like a baby!
Is this TMI??? LOL


Paula said...

Fun to read the rest of your Christmas list. The picture of your little man just cracks me up. My Shilo was about his age, singing(?) in her bedroom one night. My brother-in-law had stopped by and he thought there was a cat fight in the back of the house~LOL!!

Happy Zombie said...

I so enjoyed reading your Christmas meme! I may have to add Christmas movie to mine... I'm right there with you on the Christmas Vacation movie! My fave! My #1 is the Christmas Story!