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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Just Cuz

It's a happy day when you come home and there is something in the mail besides the dreaded bills and yet another credit card offer! Over the last few days, I have had not one but 2 super nice surprises from my blogger friends Rebecca and Heidi , both who caught comments of mine about wanting buttons for my upcoming and evergrowing list of craft projects on my "wannado" list, stemming from my bucket load purchase of fabric back a few weeks ago.
Rebecca's card is so cute, love the vintage boot!! I swear, starting this blog has been one of the biggest motivators I have had in a while. I really truly cherish all the cheerleading I get from my beloved new "friends". It just floored me to receive these 2 packages "just cuz". I had tears in my eyes opening them both, just because a true gift is one that is given from the heart, and given because you know it will make the receiver happy....and ladies, you gave me a true gift and I want to thank you again and again for your random act of kindness. :) hugs to you both!

Both Rebecca and Heidi wrote lovely notes and I truly appreciate their thoughtfullness. I can't wait to get my rear in gear and start creating some wonderful things with buttons, fabric, ribbon and more....oh my!

Heidi also included a beginner pattern for dish cloths after I have a few scarves completed she suggests I try this next. I know it says begginer, but I looked at the instructions and they are so intimidating!!! All the abbreviations, it's like reading another language!! I am making progress though on a scarf I'm doing, I took her advice and switched to a smaller needle so the stiches aren't so big. I'll have to take a picture of that next, flaws and all. I have some crazy things happening on the edges but oh well, it adds to the charm!!

The jar above is filling up!! I bought that at a thrift store for a dollar (what a steal!!), I have visions of collecting more jars and more buttons and seperating them by color once I have enough and making a display out of them. I have to admit though, this last week, I have taken a major vacation from creating anything but food!! I almost can't believe myself for slacking when it is so close to Christmas. I did get most of my Christmas shopping done, and I did so in the hopes I would free up time to make things to top off some of my gifts. Someone push me to create, light a fire under my butt, threaten me with taking my blogger reading privileges away...whatever it takes so I can get on with my self imposed production goals!!
Have a great day wherever you are!! Oh...speaking of that, I'd love to know what state/country you are from. I think it would be neat to list what part of the country we all live in. I'll start (just incase you didn't see my profile)....Good nite from North Carolina!!


Heidi said...

You're welcome!

Heidi (from Chicago, IL)

shirlee said...

Waving hello from Alberta, Canada.

Lucy, I'm so jealous of your recently acquired button stash. My Mom had a jar of buttons along with her other sewing stuff when I was a kid. I remember dumping it out and looking at them quite often. There's just something about buttons. And "yes", I too have a jar of old buttons, somewhere.

Rebecca said...

Helllllooooo from Midtown Manhattan!

Glad you got the buttons and your post was so touching and I feel the same way!


Paula said...

And checking in from the west coast....Astoria, Oregon
You lucky girl! I'm so happy that you're button jar is filling up. What fun. Merry early Christmas!