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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

"Don't go to the Places with the Lights Off!"

I have to laugh at my youngest and his approach to Halloween...he is very very cautious and really didn't want to go to anyone's house and ask for anything, he was pretty happy shopping in our candy dish for goodies, but we did finally get him to get started and then we hear from him, "Mrs. So and So said not to go to anyone's house that doesn't have a light on." Okay, I knew that and wasn't headed for any house w/o a light on, but he is now the expert on Halloween protocol so I let him have his glory. Then it was, "Mom, why are we going here?? Mrs. So and So said only go to people's house's that you know!" Okay, do you want some candy or not son because we don't know many people around here! LOL Bad mommy, how dare I go against what his first grade teacher said?? I am grateful though for my son listening to adults. He takes very seriously everything a DULT says. I have learned not to promise him something and not follow through. "My, why did you LIE to me and say we were going to the Movies today? We didn't go!" Yikes...I need to watch EVERYTHING I say, that's for sure!

Here's a pic of him going into the best house in the neighborhood. These people rented a blow up something or another that resembled a spooky Halloween House. Way cool! Well it doesn't look like this buriel went well. They left the foot out!! Here are some photos of another one of my pals, Diane sent me of her wonderfully decorated yard. Diane doesn't have a blog but she is a major thrifter, too. I will have to get her permission to post her photo's of their over a 1oo mile long yard sale that they participated in for the scenic "Spoon River Drive". From the looks of it, they had a major success and several of her families set up tables as well. After that event, they apparently got busy doing up their yard in time for yesterday's "frightful" Halloween.

I love the lady in the cauldron!!
I'm not sure where the time went, but I barely got pumpkins up this year...I didn't even carve them with my son. I guess I will just live vicariously through my pals who love to decorate for the holidays! Oh well...there's always next year!


shirlee said...

Ack, that foot coming out of the ground is truly freaky. And the witch with the cauldron of body parts....great stuff. I didn't carve my pumpkin either. I just plunked it on the front steps.

Paula said...

What fun decorations. I always say I'm going to do something like that NEXT YEAR, but it never seems to happen. Oh, well...