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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Decluttering, Baby Steps!

My mind has been cluttered lately. Too much to do, not enough time to do's an old cliche but I've been feeling it more lately than I have in the past. I finally decided to de clutter my kitchen table, pull out a metal bookcase (that I thrifted by the way for a couple of bucks :) from my bedroom and put some of the things I had been working on for the last several weeks on it. I do HAVE a craft room now, a small bedroom that also houses my computer and that SHOULD be where I create wonderful things, however, it is lacking a desk or work area and one just can not paint with things on your lap. Right now, my sewing table is playing the role of a computer desk because my old desk well...let's just say it wasn't in good shape after my summer catastrophe. I promised I'd wait for my other half to return home before I got a desk or a work area for my painting and I'm trying to hold on to my promise to him because he wants to make me something, but it's about to kill We've been eating on the kitchen bar rather than the kitchen table for a little too long now. My fault completely. Tuesday nite, I decided to organize my growing collection and reclaim the kitchen table to it's rightful purpose. feels better to declutter yourself. Maybe now I will move at a faster place, with everything in its place.

I would take pics of my little craft room, but it's uninspiring right now. Okay, it's downright embarassing! When Ken gets back, and builds me my workspace as promised, I will feel better about sharing that with everyone. I might sneek you all a peek so we can have a before and after pic, I'll mull that over. I'm sure you are at the edge of your seats...LOL. Truthfully, as I plunder along the blog world, I catch glimpses here and there of me in every post I read for the most part. So I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels the need to organize in order to move on to bigger and better things. In fact, one of my friends and co-workers who has a new blog, Imaginary Fronds , is going thru the same thing on a MUCH grander scale. So much grander that I had to ban her from Michael's (and now I'm adding, all stores that sell crafts or silk flowers) until she finishes her project! I'm excited to see what she uncovers in her project..maybe I convince her to sell some of her excess in our next fundraiser at work (next week) we are having for our Christmas party.. HINT HINT if you are reading this Miss Fixxit!

I couldn't have asked for a nicer surprise than to come home to a sweet package of goodies from my Thrift Goodness pal, Rebecca. She taylored her "thankyou for participating" in her craft swap to each participant perfectly, myself included. Just like most crafters and artists, I feel you can never have enough "tools of your trade"! Afterall, who knows which brush may be the cornerstone to the next masterpiece! Thank YOU Rebecca, for being so thoughtful and encouraging. :)


Apron Thrift Girl said...

That kitchen table is dangerous. As the Flylady says it is a total hotspot. I placed one single box on the table a few weeks ago and before we could blink the entire surface was covered in stuff. It took me ages to clear off. Luckily we have a breakfast nook but it is sure nice to eat at the dining table again. I hope you get your desk/table built soon.

Heidi said...

Decluttering is key! I can let it go for awhile, but then I hit my wall and have to put stuff away. I'm jealous of people who have craft rooms. Thanks for linking to your friend's blog. I have this weird obsession with seeing other people's craft spaces. I think I'm saving up all the good ideas for when I have one someday!

Sarah and Jack said...

Ahh, I am in the mood to get rid of crap myself. I spent 3 hours yesterday cleaning out the pantry of all places for goodness sake! It must be something about being stuck in the house for the wintertime.

shirlee said...

Add me to the list of people who would like to be organized and suffer from "cluttered table syndrome". I'm fortunate enough to have a designated craftroom but have yet to use it. I'm seriously lacking motivation these days. I'd love to see the before and afters of your craftroom.

Paula said...

Must be in the air. I am trying to de-clutter myself, the hardest part being keeping it that way. My dining room table seems to be a magnet for the mail, newspaper, kids school papers, etc. I clean it off every Saturday and there it is again the following weekend. Who's doing this? I can't possibly be responsible!!! LOL...

Rebecca said...

You're welcome! And send some "you need to declutter and not go to Michael's" voodoo my way okay??