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Monday, October 30, 2006

She Has a Thing for Halloween-More pics from Tonya's Haunted Yard!

Tonya has been at it some more with her husband and decorating her yard. Oh my goodness, I thought that she was done when she sent the last photo's I featured a few posts back....but no, this girl loves Halloween!! I don't know if I would get out of the car at this I know my son would be all into it! I love the pumpkin cat....going from this to this:

I'm glad the neighbors get along! I believe the tall bloody one is Tonya's son. Not sure who he is grasping but they look like friends!

Tea anyone???

Doesn't look like this operation went well!

Tonya likes to can, too!! Watch out Jackie! You have competition!
Well I sure hope the kiddies and neighbors appreciate all the hard work put into this mega spooktacular haunted house!! How much fun you all must have had! We didnt' even carve pumpkins this year! I think it's great that Tonya and DH did this together, one big fun project that they will surely remember for years to come!
Happy Halloween!


Rebecca said...

LOL that killed me! I miss Halloween, it's not the same here in NYC. I'm not much into the big parade downtown so it will be me and Louie watching horror movies and eating popcorn. Which doesn't sound so bad.

Are you dressing up??

Lucy said...

There was a time in my life that I would not MISS dressing up...spending a month or more on my costume and going to Halloween parties, etc. Well, guess what? Now I rush home after work, take lil man out and call it a nite Quite different than my wild and crazy days! Scary movies and popcorn with your honey sounds nice and honey is not around right now but maybe next year we can do that again.


Heidi said...

The stuff in jars is creepy! Love it! Great job on the pumpkin cat, too!

Re: the ribbon topiary--I used a lot of ribbon! I'm not sure how many rolls, but I know that it took quite a bit and I think my styrofoam balls were about 5" in diameter? Not sure. I kept it all about 4"-4.5" long but some I looped tighter than the others so there was a little bit of variation in the size of the loops. I think it also depends on the width of the ribbon you use. The first one I did I used a lot of skinny ribbons so it took more to fill in. The second one I purposely bought wider ribbons so I don't think it took quite as much. In the same book there is a picture of a wreath done with the same technique as the topiaries. I might try that for Christmas or Thanksgiving and I'll post if I do!