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Sunday, November 05, 2006

So Much For My Efforts to Declutter

Let's start off by saying, I had no intentions of going to ANY yard sales today. NONE. But, there was this one craft show we were going to quickly walk thru and then run and do some errands, like get BIG leaf bags for raking purposes and a run to Big Lots and the grocery store for good measure. It wouldn't be a Saturday, if I wasn't out of something! On my way to Big Lots (for the garbage bags and other misc. cleaning supplies), there was a BIG ORANGE GARAGE SALE sign. It was right on the corner of where I had to turn, and not too out of the way. I almost believe myself as I write this. Okay kids, just this one, I promise! "MOM!!!! You said NO yard sales this weekend!! Why do you LIE??" haha smarty pants. I have the wheel, I'm in control of the car, pay the bills around this popsicle stand so we are going. "I didn't lie, I just didn't know they were still having them today. I'll be quick, I promise!" Groans come whirling past me at all angles, front seat, back seat left and right. Yikes. It's dangerous to be a driver facing opposition.

We pulled up and there wasn't a whole lot out. Okay we will definitely be quick, there's not a whole lot here.

Or so I thought.....

Guess which items are NOT thrifted in this photo? Give up, the answer would be the apples and the stove!
One of my finds yesterday was this very nice toaster oven, an Oster, for 5.00~~whooo hooo! I used to have a toaster oven way back when, but didn't use it much because it was small. This one is much larger and has more options and more controls. When you have a small family, sometimes I just cook quick items when we are running late. This will aid in my struggle to finish a 1st graders homework before 9 o'clock with him. (that's another post). The other items, the bright yellow mikasa bowl, the wooden/silver platter, the small painting (original a picasso, but still kitchencutesy), and the plate holder/picture holder, all were thrifted for under 3 dollars previously.
What in the world is all this??? Well each bag had 5 dollars listed on it, so I started opening them up and discovered Fabric, fabric, and more fabric!! "Hey, I remember were the lady at the bank that helped my Mother! You were really nice to her." I look up and recognize the owner of the sale as one of my customers daughters. Small world. No we just live in a small town. She asks me if I sew. Umm.....yes I sew. Not well. Not even good. But I try. I'd sew more often if I had a place to do it regularly. If only I could reclaim my sewing table from my computer, take back my kitchen table from the painting marathon I have been on, then maybe I'd sew. I didn't unload my issues on this lady but subconsciously I could feel my brain yelling at me to get it together already and CREATE CREATE but first organize!

"How about 10 dollars for all the fabric?" GULP, "Are you sure??"

"Oh yes, I have way too much. I'm going to start a quilting class soon and I need to reorganize my sewing room and thin it down so I can have room to quilt." you don't need all this fabric?? Trying not to look too excited less she change her mind, I say,

Oh Boys, Momma needs your help! "Mom!! where are we going to put all this???" In the trunk, now get busy! I bark like a general. I am THEIR general. ;) I start to walk away and the toaster oven screams at me, I need this, my other one is "toast".....okay I will take the oven, too. I'm not going to even speak of the 1940's beautiful dresser and chest with cupboard like drawers that I missed by SECONDS for 50 dollars. I'm happy with my stash. And what a stash it is! Take a peek.
I tried to assemble it in some sort of order as I went through all 6 bags, but it became impossible after a while. One bag was assorted small to medium scraps of all sorts, appliques, kitcheny, Americana, Christmas, Easter, Baby and more.

Another 2 bags held tapestries and jacquard (sp?) and large pieces of fabric. You can almost see one of the pieces I'm going to make into a 4th of July table runner. It's a chenille flag moif with two flags. COOL!

There are some areas that are about 10 inches deep in fabric....there is more I didn't even photo because I ran out of space, it's over behind on the couch and coffee table. YIKES. I better get sewing. The fabric isn't as cool as this or this,but there is more than enough for me to experiement with and enhance my sewing skills!
Did I mention there are 8 fabric forms for placemats, too? Oh, and some wooden kids wall coat hangers, scissors, glue, stryofoam eggs, harvest appron pattern, and a slew of other fun items I discovered in the many bags.
Overall it was a good day. I even got my boys to rake the lawn. Kinda. :)
Okay, I'm off to clear off the kitchen table AGAIN. Some battles are never won. I need to start choosing my battles better.


Paula said...

Holy buckets, Chicka!! SCORE! Hey, sometimes it pays to be nice to your customers, huh!? I am so excited for you. I want to help you dig through your piles of fabric...

shirlee said...

Okay, i was gonna comment on the $5 toaster oven and what a great deal that was (couldn't live without mine) but then I scroll on and see the 6 bags of fabric! $10 for all that? I'd be giddy. Have fun creating!

Heidi said...

Wow! What a heck of a deal! Way to go. I bet you had fun going through all of that--like Christmas! :)

I am a toaster oven convert. I used to hate them but when I got married DH had one and I hated to get rid of it just to get a toaster. Now I love mine and would never give it up. I'm practically evangelical about toaster ovens now! LOL Good score!

Mizfixit said...

And to think you banned me from going to Michaels!! LOL ;)

Heidi said...

What a score! I can't wait to see what you create with some of it.

Taracotta said...

WOW....You sure hit the jackpot with that material. LOL I got your blog from a post you put in Shirlee's blog and thought I'd check yours out.


VaxGirl said...

Oh I would just want to sit and play in all that fabric! There are some great tutorials for purses and totes on, in case you're interested.

Lucy said...

Thanks everyone for your great comments. I'm inspired to create wonderful things with my stash!! How I wish you could all come over and play (help me) in it! :)


Rebecca said...

ACK! Want to do a fabric swap *wink wink nudge nudge* just kidding but you got an amazing haul! I can't wait to see what it all becomes. :)

Sarah and Jack said...

This is a great score and I want to jump right into the piles and start digging myself! Plus, the post made me laugh "oh boys... I am their general." LOLOLOL