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Friday, October 20, 2006

Thrifty Do's

For a small town, we really do have some good choices for thrifting (well there always could be more) but when all the yard sales are over, I try to check out the Habitat For Moore house (it's actually a big new warehouse) which has a great selection of everything under the sun AND material to build just about anything you want for a "song". I can't tell you how much I've bought at the Habitat House over the last couple of years, lamps, a loveseat, mirrors, tiles, books, baskets, knitting needles, decorating items...the list goes on and on. This is the first time I've really noticed though their Christmas selection. They have 3 areas dedicated all to Christmas decorations, trees, wreaths, cards, you name it! I was able to pick up a few items all under 2 and 3 dollars the other day when the boys and i made the trip. They are in the back ground in the picture with the dishes (although you can barely see them) pulling money out of their pockets to purchase some of their own treasures. I think this trip they bought some tennis rackets and balls for 3 dollars total. LOL. Gotta love it!

This weekend we have more Thrifty Do's going on in town. Tomorrow, my first thrifty stop will be at "Something for Moore" (I live in Moore County, NC, in case you didn't know) . They are having a huge indoor yardsale at a plaza that is predominately empty. Displays will be set up in all the stores tomorrow from 10-4. Tonite there was a preview fundraiser where you can purchase a ticket for 30 dollars (that goes against my thrifty nature so I passed on that opportunity) and have first dibs at all the wares for a 10% up charge. I believe they fed you, too for that price (they should have!!). The proceeds go to a good cause....what that is I can't remember but it's a good, I read it in the paper last week! I drove by tonite and the parking lot was full, which got me mad because I just know someone is going to buy SOMETHING, not sure what, that was meant for me! Wish me luck on some good deals tomorrow!

After the thrift trip, we are going to hit downtown Pinehurst for the Holly Festival, featuring many crafters and HOPEFULLY there will be some down home fair style food to snack on. I hope to get some good ideas to work on and buy a couple of Christmas presents. I have not started ANY Christmas shopping and it's starting to make me antsy. Not that I ever have a whole lot bought by now, but usually I have SOMETHING!

I found a real beautiful site with a charming blogger who HAS her own store (as opposed to me who just dreams of it) and to boot, today her Mom, who is also co-owner, has a wonderful spread int Cottage Style. The house is wonderful and everything I wish I could pull together and do!
Violets are Blue . Enjoy!

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