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Thursday, October 19, 2006

She's a Canning Fool!

When your friend doesn't answer her phone for days and when she appears at the door with tell tale signs of berried stained hands and a house that smells of summer delights, she just may have been canning for days. Jackie, my Washington state friend and adopted big sister apparently has been canning her tale off from these pictures she sent me!! Apple butter, apple perserves, to berry jam and peach jalepeno jam, are just a few examples of some of her canning marathon she has been on this last month, from the looks of these cupboards! Jackie is a stay at home mom who also is trying her hand at home schooling this year. She has more adventures than anyone I know. From the wild and crazy hillbilly gun toting neighbors she ran off, to mysterious horses trotting thru her yard leaving "prizes" galore for her to "run" into---there is never a dull moment at her house! She does it all with a sense of humor and has more patience than I would have in a million years. Oh yeah..and she is also the only person I know that "weedwhacks" wearing goggles and boots. When asked about that she quickly reminded me of Mr. Ed visiting here and there and after that, what seemed crazy at first makes perfectly good sense!
A vision of Autumn, a taste of homemade goodies, compliments of Jackie's Kitchen. Cornbread and peach jalepeno jam anyone??


Apron Thrift Girl said...

I wished I wasn't so afraid of canning. I love seeing your jars and it is inspring but I just need that extra kick in the pants to get going. There is still time to make apple sauce though...

Lucy said...

There's no time like the get canning!! LOL
These pics are from my friend Jackie who has gone crazy with the canning. It all looks so wonderful, I hope she doesn't forget me at Christmas...;) I, on the otherhand, am intimidated by the whole process! One of these days....