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Saturday, October 21, 2006

Crafty and Thrifty Do's

Holly Inn, Pinehurst, NC
Presenting the Holly Festival 2006 in Pinhurst, NC---with assistance from my lil man (the ham). Our day started with some thrifting at the "Something For Moore" indoor yard sale, with proceeds going to the Arts Council of Moore County. It was definitely a nice sale but with so many people there, it was hard to look around and find that "perfect" item. I didn't particularily care for their check out procedures however. There were about 15 stores (empty stores in the plaza filled with flea market items. You basically looked around and gave these nice ladies your items, they wrote you a ticket for what you bought and you left the items at the store until you eventually paid at the designated pay areas around store 13 or 15. Once you paid, you then went back and collected your items. To me it was like a scavenger hunt trying to remember where I bought my items after I paid! The first store I went to, the ladies gave me my items and Iwalked around not knowing the system and there were some eyebrows raised as I walked from store to store..LOL Whoops??? How was I to know if the volunteers didn't even know what to do?? Anyway, I did get some goodies for a total of 8.75 .

After thrifting, DS and I headed to Pinehurst for the Holly Festival which was jam packed full of crafters, yummy foodies, and a host of other entertainment. I mostly browsed, trying to get ideas on some new things to do. I know this is too much information, but I sorta rushed through the festival as I had to go "number 1" really really really bad. There were no facilities in sight until FINALLY after 20 minutes of pure torture. My lil man found me relief. I love that boy! Always looking out for Mamma!

oops sorry about cutting off your face, Josh!

3 Streets filled with Crafters and foodie vendors

Wonderful pottery from a local artist.
Pinehurst is a lovely community and it was a perfect day, not too hot (NC can be dreadful in the summer), but the fall is gorgeous. This is a picture of the Given Memorial Library I took on our way out. I left the craft show with a few ideas and a couple of cute wooden country crafts, cotton candy (for ds) and some home made baked goods. I probably could have found more if it wasn't for my "issue" (see above) but all in all, it was a wonderful day.
:) lucy


Rebecca said...

What a greta weekend you had! That check out proceedure IS weird. Hmmm . . . I would so have not remembered what I bought. (I buy stuff at the thrift and can't remember what I bought by the time I get home LOL)

Oh, and I'm glad you found the potty. ;) I totally would have blogged about that too!

Paula said...

Sounds like alot of fun and your little man was so well behaved. (mine would not have been at that age!) Give him a cookie from me, okay?! Our fall has been gorgeous, too, though I plan on experiencing yours someday. (when I locate that hidden stash of $$!)

Lucy said...

Rebecca...glad you can associate with my subject! Not finding a potty can be so distracting to even the most dedicated shopper!!

Paula-you're welcome to visit anytime you want! Of course finding the secret stash would help finance the DS is very well behaved, I get compliments on his politeness and his demeanor whenever we go out. (not to We've been able to go out to dinner even when he was a baby with very little problems. I'm very grateful!

linda said...

Looks like it was a fun day! I've got a little one named Josh as well. :o)

I don't think we have any cool flea market/craft shows in the area - lately the shows seam to be embellished things that were made in China - not as fun, if you ask me.