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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thirftyfinds 10/14

I lucked out this weekend!

These beautiful smooth feeling (made in Portugal )vases, coffee creamer, plate were a quarter a piece!

2 dollars for the aqua and white apple accessories :)

All this and more
for less than 25 dollars!
My most expensive thriftfind was this white quilt rack for 5 dollars which I am going to repaint.


Heidi said...

Congrats on your great finds. I'm out of town, but still managed to stop at a garage sale and found a few pieces of fabric for 75 cents.

Rebecca said...

What a haul! Is that yellow basket flat on the back to hang on the wall? LOVE IT. I also love how you negotiated the price of your quilt rack. :) How will you paint it? Just a color or with a design??

Lucy said...

I probably will paint it with a design knowing me, yes actually both the yellow and red baskets are flat to hang against the wall. The shop owner had different colors in her shop displayed (albeit they were filled with silks) for 19.95 and up, but she sold them to me for a quarter a piece, same thing for the vases. :)