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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I've been up since 6:30

I think you probably have figured out that I love to shop thrift stores and yard sales, but did you know that I love to cook as well?? I am a down home cook, I really don't get into elaborate recipes that call for ingredients that you rarely use or are hard to find. And because we are a very small family, just 2 or 3 of us, or if I'm lucky, there might be four around the dinner table....I don't make crazy things that aren't kid friendly. Today I got up around 6:30. I have no idea why. I can't seem to sleep in on the weekends. During the week, it's a different story. I could sleep to eleven if you let me but since I have a day job and a son to get off to school, I grudingly pull myself out of bed and get the day going!

Yesterday, I got up early to hit the yard sales and I made out like a bandit. Not every day is like this as I'm sure most thrifters will agree. Sometimes you might come home empty handed, other times, a car load. By the way, why do people go thru the trouble of advertising a yardsale, pulling it all together and in reality, all they have to show for their trouble is 2 tables of real JUNK? Isn't that disappointing to hit a sale that sounds good from the advertisement but when you get there it is anticlimatic what nots that aren't worth the effort to look thru.

Probably the best place I hit was a surprise winner. Advertised in the paper was a yard sale at an ecelctic plaza in Southern Pines, called The Belvedere Plaza. Shop owners and friends placed their wares in a lovely courtyard (some featured major discounts on their items, others featured true yard sale finds). Check out the lovely baskets and vases I got from one kind seller all for a quarter! YIPPEE. I also picked up several Country Living and decorative magazines I had missed for a quarter each as well.

I spotted the quilters rack from a distance and did a U-eee on the road. I got up close and noticed that the arms had been glued so I got her to go down on the price to 5 dollars. I have one quilt. But I had been wanting a quilt rack to display all the quilts I intend to make. See my profile....I am learning to sew and quilting is definitely on my agenda.

I also went to a place I like to visit every so often, The Sandhills Coalition. They raise money through accepting donations (kinda like the Goodwill....but MUCH MUCH, did I say MUCH, more reasonable prices) and assist the less fortunate in our area in a multitude of ways. Their hours are mostly early morning until 11 am so Saturdays are the only day I can go there. You need to go early....when they open at 9, to get the best selection. That's where I got the fold up chairs in a previous post. At The Coalition, I got some fabric remnants for a quarter a piece, some quite note cards for a quarter as well, and various dishes and a picture frame. All total, $2.05 and I had a bag full! I told you, I get excited about the little things!

Back to my baking.....this morning, I got up and made these cheesy popovers. No elaborate recipe, they are from a mix from King Arthur. That was a luxury purchase yesterday at 4.25. I visited a business associate's new retail venture in unusual and highend kitchen accessories and northeastern foods, (cheeses, maple sugar, spices, candy, chocolate). I left with a cookie mix and and the popovers. Review of the purchases.....I can make better cookies but the popovers turned out wonderfully light and airy. I added cheddar and romano cheese because I just can't leave well enough alone in a recipe. I always add my own touches, it's just one of my down falls.

I also have some stuffed peppers in the oven for an early afternoon luncheon I am going I must close now and get my act together for my excursion. I hope your weekend is a peaceful and happy one.



Paula said...

Your popovers look YUM! I love to cook also. Just did stuffed peppers one night last week on the request of my 14 year old who I thought hated them. Maybe his culinary tastes are starting to improve?!

Lucy said...

Thanks Paula for your sweet comments! I was the one who used to hate stuffed peppers when I was younger....funny how 'us' kids really do change over time. If only I could get my son to eat any vegetables, I'd be doing good :)