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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Spooky Friends

Since I didn't really...okay, barely at all decorate for Halloween. I want live vicariously through my featured friend, Tonya and her (new) DH, who spent the better part of 2 weeks or more composing this spookville house and yard. What fun they must have had!!!

Tonya and husband??
If we lived closer to Florida, my lil man would be over Tonya's house in a heartbeat for trick or treating!! He loves all things scary (but yet is the gentlest child, go figure, and thank goodness!). I think they did a great job. Just imagine what they do for Christmas!!

1 comment :

Mizfixit said...

These Halloween decorations are wonderful! I'll bet all the neighborhood kids love to go there to Trick or Treat. I used to decorate our house in Ohio for Halloween and dress up in some crazy costume to hand out candy. Unfortunately, we don't have any kids in our neighborhood here in NC so all I do is carve a pumpkin. I miss all the Halloween fun!