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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just a Buck

Sometimes I get excited over the little things, like finding these old wooden castaway fold up chairs for a dollar each. It's amazing what can make us happy. For me among other things, scoring a good deal is one of them. I had to leave the price tag on them just in case there were some non-believers out there, and I know there may be a few..heee..heee...but as you can see that if nothing else, I have some cute plant and deorative stands for a healthy price. I actually bought 3 but opted for my creative artist license and decided to edit that picture out of this post because on it, I have featured one of my not so healthy plants. I really need to bring it inside and give it some love. I haven't quite graduated to the thrifting elite, where I can spot the vintage items that are really worth collecting amongst the everyday just plain old items that are put out for choosing, but I do know a good bargain vintage or not! My other half says if I were a millionaire, I'd still shop at Dollar General because it was a good deal. I don't think I'd go that far!!! But I definitely believe that if I really had A LOT of cushion in my account, I'd still be thrifty. Oh yes, I'd splurge here and there but I doubt, I seriously doubt, I'd buy a 100,000 car, or put a pool off my bedroom (well maybe I'd do that), or take a bath in bottled water (eeeeew bathing with water that came out of some nasty pipes, how could I??).....anyway, my Mother, who essentially raised 3 girls on her own, working 2 or 3 jobs at any given time, taught me a lot about the value of the dollar. I can't say that I've always listened to all her words of wisdom, but with the cards that have been dealt me, I have figured out how to make little look like a lot. I learned how to do that from my Mom. I hope she reads this when she gets her internet back up and running. Thanks Mom, for teaching me everything I know.



lorenzstudio said...

How can you not get excited over such a good deal!! I love being able to find valuable things for a good price - it's become a small obsession of mine lately!

linda t said...

Wow! One buck!
I miss finding those kind of deals back in WI... thank God the yard sales are heating up in Phx... now that it's cooling down.

Paula said...

I would have snapped those chairs up in an instant! Great find. Love your fall decorations, too.

Rebecca said...

Right on, sister! While I agree that i'd still be a bargain shopper even if I were a millionaire, I would certainly love a pool off the bedroom. So invite me over when you win the lotto. ;)