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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Rules Were Made to be Broken

I broke a rule today that I made up recently....I am not supposed to buy anymore craft supplies until I finish up at least a couple of projects. Why is it that I found myself in Michael's tonite? It was only supposed to be a quick trip in to buy blue paint which I ran out of doing my snowman tray. Then it turned into buying supplies for a topiary tree I found at Heidi's blog Vacuuming in High Heels and Pearls ( I love that name BTW).I did remember my blue paint (and red, and pale yellow, and then flesh, what was supposed to be one thingy of paint turned into 7 bottles of paint). I'm getting as bad as I am when I go into the grocery store and Walmart. I can't walk out without spending 50 dollars no matter what I go in for! I have gotten better with the grocery shopping though, I'm happy to report. I now restrain myself to 2x a month and just odds n ends like milk and bread the off weeks. I skip using a cart and that helps. I'm going to have to implement that rule when I go into Michael's from now on.

I'm still working on my picture a day I found out that taking pictures while driving doesn't really work. At least not on curvy roads. I'm lucky I didn't get into an accident or cause an accident! I may post them anyway as a warning at a later date for all those that may attempt cruisephotoing. So for today I will leave you with a picture I took the other day before some hands got into my prop. The bowl is another quarter deal I found at a yardsale. I found 4 of them for a quarter each & thought they would look good for Halloween. I need to start hunting down Christams items now....Tis the Season!

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