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Monday, October 23, 2006

Every No Leads to a Yes

This pic serves 2 purposes: you can see the cute harvest garland I bought for a QUARTER at one of my sales this weekend....and check out my Halloween banner I made from a tutorial I found on ALL SORTS
When I poke around in blogland, I am reminded of how primitive I am when it comes to crafting and my talents...hmmm... in just about every category. Then I think of my son as he struggles to read and when he finally pronounces that word he has been wrestling ( with even though we have read that book or that sentence five hundred times), it's like a small triumph and I am reminded that everyone starts somewhere and if we do nothing at all, we will get exactly what we put into it....nothing. I tell my team at work, every NO leads to a essence, if you don't ask, you won't get a yes, you might get a NO if you do ask, but eventually you WILL make a sale. I figure with my crafting, like my son's reading, start small and keep plugging away and eventually he'll be on to reading chapter books and I'll be making things someone actually wants to buy or get as a gift..LOL I'll start with the gift giving and see how that goes, then I may go on to selling.

Here's a pic of a homemade apron I bought

at the famous indoor yardsale I mentioned in my previous post....for a dollar...couldn't pass it up :) 3 of my several thing that I get out of painting is relaxation. Painting can be so mediatative, whether it turns out perfect or not, there's something soothing about moving your brush back and forth, mixing colors, trying new techniques, and then suddenly before you know've created something out of nothing.

Awww...doesn't Mr. Snowman look so cute :)


Heidi said...

Cute apron! What does it say on the top? That banner looks pretty professional to me. And your snowman is totally cute. I'd say these are definite yeses!

BusyBee said...

Hi, I'm new to blogging and it's so great to find others that love thrifting and bargains. You've found some real deals. I'm loving the banner, I'll have to pop over to allsorts.

Paula said...

Isn't it fun to try new crafts? I'm fairly new at it, too, and plodding along but having a great time. Kudos on your banner. Looks great to me! Love the apron, adore the snowman. You had better show the other tray when you finish it!! Anybody'd be lucky to get these as gifts.

jungle dream pagoda said...

I love that Halloween banner !you did a beautiful job on it!

Lucy said...

Heidi-I THINK it says's not quite clear or I need glasses.

Thank you all for your compliments & for keeping me motivated!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

It's so easy to feel not as crafty as everyone else. I always tend to think my ideas are not unique. Everything I do is practically taken from a book, but then I'll post photos and people will be so kind with their comments. I think we are our worst critic. Your banner is fantastic. I love the colors you used. Sorry I've not been here lately. I've missed your blog.