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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Finally Finished!

I have a love hate relationship with 3 day weekends. I love having the extra day to do just whatever (hopefully I can do just whatever but most of the time I can't), but then I hate going back to work because you really pay for having that extra day off. PHEW, I'm wiped out people! Yesterday was supposed to be a day for me to create wonderful things, but then I HAD to go to Walmart, then I HAD to go to a thrift store, then I HAD to check out another one just because I hadn't been there in awhile.....well you get the picture, that went on for about a 4 store tour of duty. Another words, I goofed off most of the day. What did I create?? Not much! Well, I did finish my little seasonal platters and I did start the last couple of coats on my trinket box featured in a previous post which I'd link you to but I'm too lazy to go back and get my directions on how to link. It's there..plunder please... Anyway, I had higher hopes for myself. In the end, by the time I did some thrifting and finished my painting, it was time to pick up my little man from school and then get busy with homework and dinner. Ahhhh what a life I lead!

What did I buy at the thrift stores?? ONLY one thing!! All day and all I got was one stinking thing. WAHHHH. I bought a cute small tray that had 2 ceramic tiles that match most of my colors in my kitchen which are rather fallish if I might say, in fact my living room, dining room, and kitchen are all rather fallish. Cozy, warm, greens, orange, cream, brown, and burgandy. What am I going to do this Spring?? Oh well, I will cross that bridge when I come to it. The tray was 3 dollars. I wish it was 50 cents, but I bought it anyway to not come home empty handed. This weekend, I did get a few odd items to recreate into new entities. I bought some small shutters, which I thought I could paint and make into kinda a window like feature with a shelf below and one of my paintings in the center of the shutters. It's just a vision at this stage, we'll see. I also bought two very, very, very, heavy ceramic tiles which I want to do some paintings on, too. Ideas, Ideas...they are everywhere!


Rebecca said...

Your trays came out great! I just love them. And I have to say, your idea for the shitters with one of your paintings as the window AND with a shelf is great! I can picture it. :)

Mizfixit said...

Your trays are TOO cute!! They turned out great! (even the tomato, er, pumpkin! LOL ;)

Looking forward to seeing your next are SO creative!

Heidi said...

Trays are adorable, and shutter idea sounds cute, too. I also have my house mostly decorated in fall colors: gold and "barn red" in the living room/kitchen, a sage green study (soon to be nursery) and a pumpkin orange bathroom. The bedroom is blue, though.

Hope you had a nice three day weekend. I had to work!