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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

I'm Really Torn

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There is just so much to do, so little time to do it with. I know that's cliche to say but this Saturday is a prime example of how we will go weeks and weeks without anything to speak of going on around here and then all of a sudden it's raining choices. This weekend there is a wonderful big little antique show in Cameron, NC, which hosts over 300 antique dealers and expects a crowd of 15,000 antique shoppers. There is so much more than just antiques here, great food, treats, yard sale finds, arts & crafts, you name it. I swore I would FIND a truck to use next time but I haven't quite done that and the show is coming up this weekend. I better get moving if I want to take something home bigger than will fit in my back seat or always stuffed to the gills trunk!
Downtown Southern Pines is hosting is Bi-Annual craft festival as well Saturday which adds to my dilemna. There are always wonderful items to discover by some very talented people and I hate to miss that event but both are running the same day and the same time. Not Saturday and Sunday...NOOOOOO...just Saturday! If you have never been to Southern Pines, NC; the downtown area even without a craft show is a true treat to one's creative senses. There iare stores after stores nestled together on either side of Broad Street. They are all full of unique items, even some artisans displaying their crafts in their own retail store, and best of all, most are locally owned and operated.
Of course padded imbetween both of these, are the ever present at least until it gets cold, Saturday morning yard sales which I could probably miss given the other choices but, BUT, there are some BIG ones listed today in the paper. OH MY GOSH, I'm having an anxiety attack over even thinking about missing a REALLY GOOD sale!
Last but not least, there is the Moore County fair going on this week and the last day is Saturday. It is VERY small but I think if you live in a county that has a fair, you should go just because. Fairgoing is part of our American Culture isn't it? I have so many memories of growing up and going to the Chautauqua County Fair, which is held in Dunkirk, NY, my hometown. It is or at least was, THE MAJOR EVENT of the summer. Tuesday nite and Sunday nite being the most anticipated nites of the fair because of the big ole demolition derbies held those evenings. I sound like a country bumpkin, don't I? Brings back memories anyway!
Anyway, I have a couple of days to decide how to plan our Saturday. Maybe if we time it right, we can do a little bit of everything!


Apron Thrift Girl said...

Have you decided yet? I'm kind of leaning toward the antique fair. There are so many treasures to uncover. But of course that probably isn't as family orientated as the fair.

Lucy said...

I, we WILL be going to antique show during the day, and then in the evening go to the fair so we can do something for everyone. I wish the craft show was on Sunday or vice versus, but what I decided to do was skip that because I am not really out to purchase any crafts...I've got enough projects to keep me going for awhile!!! I'd rather "uncover" something unique at the antique show. What decisions we have to make!! LOL

Sarah and Jack said...

I would hit the yard sales early, then do the antique show, then try and catch a fair treat for dinner. Sadly, the craft show would be my miss. For some reason this coming Saturday is the same way here, there are about a 100 different things going on!