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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Don't Judge a Book by It's Cover!

Inside this delightful store you can find treasure after treasure. Karen has a great personality and her store reflects her charm, a true hidden gem in our community. I discovered Karen's Attic about 2 weeks ago and have been back twice and will continue to go back not just to check out the new wares, but to get some great thrifty decorating ideas. She had a wonderful ad in today's paper, I wish I could scan it for everyone to see how cute the inside is. I equate this store to one of those hometown, hole in the wall restaurants that only locals know about and the passerbys snub their noses at because of how it appears to look on the outside. BUT, on the inside, there is served up the best dang cooking you could ever ask for. Not to mention the best service. I love discovering restaurants and stores like Karen's.


Rebecca said...

I would totally go in there! So what kinds of things does she have? I miss those kinds of stores, you don't really see them her in NYC, there are some cute shops but nothing so unique.

Apron Thrift Girl said...

I'd love to see inside photos. Do you think Karen would mind? I could look at junk shop/thrift store photos all day. Hey, great idea for a book. I love finding new stores that haven't been found by everyone else.

Lucy said...

I will ask her next time...I'm sure she will say yes, who wouldn't want free advertisement for their small business. That is a great idea for a book, Selena. I agree with you, "finding" stores that are unique are somewhat of a personal accomplishment & so rewarding.

Rebecca, she has 4 main areas in the building plus revolving items featured outdoors. Refinished shabby chic furniture, some antiques, many thrifty decorating ideas amongst the many vingettes she has featured (she will put a picture up from say CL and say.."you can do this with this item" to give the shopper some inspiration, in addition, she does take consignment items with a 60/40 spread with clients.

Thank you for peeking in and come back soon!!