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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

How Many Days Till Christmas??

I love to see how things become what they are, so here are a few more snapshots of my seasonal trays that I am working on. If I hurry up and post this, they may be done before any snow flies! Oh wait, I live in NC and it rarely snows (I say this while holding my breath we don't get a freak snow/icestorm again this year that knocks power out for 2 weeks like we did about 2 years ago!) I'm from NY and used to snow, but in the South, we are not prepared for nasty weather as our Yankee friends (I say that with love). Ice storms are common and cause the most havoc. Around here it's the above ground power lines and all the pine trees that attribute to the power outages. (Pine trees topple over on the power lines with the weight of snow and ice). Okay so this has nothing to do with my craftivities but I'd thought share, just because!

Look at Mr. and Mrs. Snowman, you can you envision a nice cup of Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows being served up by this lovely couple?

How many days is it until Christmas?? YIKES!!!


Rebecca said...

That tray is adorable! Do you just buy the wooden trays and then make up the designs? How creative you area, painting is one thing I have yet to try. It's on my list!

And being a yankee (in New York City) I'm not wisin' for any snow either. Oy.

Lucy said...

Rebecca, thank you for your sweet comments! I did get the trays at AC Moore's...they have some great sales and stocked up on some during their last sale. Then what I have done is just lightly sketched a design onto these two that are featured and walahhh... :) Painting is my form of therapy, try it sometime!

..Keeping our fingers crossed for no snow (exccept for on Christmas Day, that is allowed).