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Thursday, November 30, 2017

Lifebook 2018--Save 20% Now!

Hello Friends!  

What a great ride Lifebook 2017 has been, it's been such an honor to be among this trip of instructors and amazing students. I've enjoyed every minute. I'm so grateful to my friend, Tamara Laporte for having me for the second time!

While I won't be partaking as a teacher in 2018, I will be as a student and champion of all things Lifebook. In case you are interested in joining in on the fun, check out what is changing for the better & enjoy!

Life Book 2018
New & Improved, Bigger & Better! 

2018 is a special &; exciting year for Life Book because the launch of LB2018 coincides with the publication of Tamara's new book (all about Life Book) AND she is going to make the Life Book offer more holistic by opening the course up to other art forms (like clay work, photography and writing) plus she is also bringing in some more wellness experts that will support you on your wellness/ personal development journey!! It’s very much in line with her very first vision for Life Book when she started dreaming up the concept in 2011! :)
The key differences/ extras this year are: 

  • Virtual Life Book Gift (or Swag) Bag!!! :D Everyone who signs up to Life Book gets a virtual ‘goodie bag’ filled with things like: high res prints (for you to print out), exclusive discount codes from teachers and sponsors, free ebooks and ezines and other awesome stuff! yay! Click here to find out what is in the gift bag!
  • Additional healing AND art disciplines (Tamara has invited several other experts who do things like yoga/ aromatherapy/ NVC & mindfulness etc plus other art disciplines like sculpture/ doll making/ photography & writing etc to make the entire healing/ wellness aspect of Life Book more holistic (these offers are on top of the art lessons not instead of).
  • Tamara will run several Facebook live sessions (first year she is offering this), these will be in the form of: Check ins/ FAQs/ Impromptu art sessions & They will be recorded and available for those who can’t make the live sessions.
  • Life long access to all content (this is the first year she is offering life long access to all content, yay!!)
  • She is holding a huge prize draw with 20 prizes or so combined worth of £3000 GBP for all people who sign up to Life Book (not part of the blog hop) – This prize draw can only be entered if you sign up to Life Book, prizes include huge bundles of art supplies and other cool creative and wellness items!
  • Price does NOT change from last year!! Even though you’re getting SO MUCH MORE !!! :D

In a nutshell, this is the Incredible Life Book 2018 offer:
 A minimum of 6-8, in depth, Mixed Media Art Lessons plus a Minimum of 4 Bonus Sessions by Tamara  (it usually ends up being more than that though because she gets excited about all the new things she learns and finds it difficult not to share haha!)
 21, in depth, Mixed Media Art Lessons by Spectacular Guest Teachers (see below who the 2018 guest teachers are)
 Between 12 – 18 additional arts & craft and wellness sessions with experts in this field (check the teacher profile doc to see what each expert has to offer)
 21 (Smaller) Bonus Activities like: extra PDF prompts & step by steps/ artist interviews/ ATC swaps/ give aways/ audio meditations/ writing prompts etc by Tamara & Guest Teachers
 Between 4-6 Facebook Live Sessions with Tamara

Early Bird Discount Code!

If you join Life Book by the end of this month, December 31st, you can get 20% off!!!
Click HERE to join now!

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