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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Pumpkin in Progress!

While this tray isn't quite done, it's coming to life more and more. If I only had MORE time, it would be finished. Of course, I could have finished this by the time I uploaded, edited the picture, and typed the post, but what fun would that have been for everyone??

I was going to leave off the face but as I began adding details I started to think my pumpkin tray was looking more and more like a TOMATO and felt the need to make it clear that no, this is really a pumpkin!! Life is all about being flexible and adaptation; art is no different even with simple projects.

1 comment :

Paula said...

Your trays are great! I haven't had my paints out for quite awhile and now you've made me itch to pick up my paint brush. So many projects, so little time!