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Monday, October 09, 2006

Antique Show~Cameron, NC

Normally you can't walk down any side
walk, vendor area, or patch of whatever without knocking elbows into someone. This weekend, though, the rain kept the majority of the crowds and many of the vendors home from the Antique Show in Cameron, NC. While we did browse quite abit, we mostly hustled to and fro to stay warm, and to TRY to stay dry. I came home empty handed from that show....I didn't say I came totally home empty handed. I would have felt defeated if I didn't buy at least a few thrifty items this weekend! It's becoming a disease, I swear!

Don't you love this pretty Victorian home? There were several lovely homes dotted up and down the road as we scurried about in the rain on Saturday.

1 comment :

Heather B. said...

Always fun to see other flea markets, especially the ones far from home. Enjoy your blog and thanks for visiting my new one!