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Monday, October 09, 2006

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

Rain Rain, Go Away!! Do not come out when I want to play on a Saturday!

Why is it when you really anticipate something, when you get to that day or that place, it's a let down because of one thing or another?? LOL In my case, our trip to the antique show was cut short due to rain and 4 kids (2 mine, 2 borrowed) who although weren't really whiny, they weren't into thrifting this weekend because of how cold and rainy it was. All my anxiety this week was for nothing.... such a let down. We didn't buy anything but some hot drinks and some KETTLE CORN...Popcorn of any sort is hard to pass up when it's being made, but there's something about watching them make good old fashioned Kettle Corn right in front of you that you can't resist. In the big picture, it all wasn't for naught, we got out of the house, did something as a family so even though the trip didn't turn out as planned, I'm glad we went. :)


Do check out this fancy dancy old-time John Deere Icecream maker! My boys remember this gentleman's stand and make sure we do not miss it each time we've visited the show. It's hidden in the back of a big center area of vendors and what nots, but you can here the snap and roar of the engine cranking out more icecream as you walk by and your curiousity leads you to discover this unique machine pictured below. I wasn't too into the ice cream mood Saturday, it was toooooo cold for me already let alone top it off with some cold, creamy, rich, smoothe....... Okay, OKAY, so I had a little taste of theirs---who can really resist homemade icecream, no matter what the weather??

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