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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Sew WHAT??

One of my latest projects is simply learning how to sew. This grew from being addicted to HGTV and seeing all the wonderful things you can create with a simple machine. I had visions of creating cushions, pillows, curtains, quilts (even though I have no idea how to quilt...I'd surely figure it out!), heck, even reupholster all the furniture just for the fun of it. Well, 6 months later, I have 5 pillows, 2 chair cushions (okay small pillows for the back of the chair...geez..let me have my glory), a few quilt squares started...and that's about it! Well I take that back because 2 weeks ago my mommainlaw to be and I made curtains for my living room, kitchen, sliding glass doors, a couple of pairs for my boys room, and the computer room. I just can't take all the credit for the project because I was delegated to ironing and designing....she'd did the sewing (I'd still be sitting at the table more than likely to this day otherwise). We didn't use any patterns so they aren't perfect but dang we are proud because we did it ourselves. I suppose that is the best gratification we get from sewing, painting, crafting, or whatever else it is that you do that floats your boat-to see what you can create using your imagination and your own hands. There's nothing better! I'm thrilled with what we created, but when I look back at the last few months that I have had my new machine, I thought I'd be sooooo much further along in my sewing, I'm a little disappointed at my output of wonderful things.
I also love to yard sale and thrift. The pillow above with the fringe was made from fabric I found at the Sandhills Coalition. It cost me 35 cents for the fabric (the blue was 10 cents, and the yellow was a quarter!!! WHOOOO HOOOO. The fringe was in a grab bag for a dollar that has about a million other pieces in it, so I guess that cost is about 5 or 10 What a find, huh?? I have a whole tub full of remnants I have been scavenging from the Coalition, yard sales, and even Walmart. I have no reason not to create wonderful things other than the fact I read too much about other peoples wonderful creations!!! Okay on to more procrastinating, have a great Friday tomorrow!

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