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Friday, November 24, 2017

It's Not A Secret Anymore!

Shouting from the art easel--this is something not to miss!

Now through November 30th, I wanted to share a fantastic opportunity to join in on 21 Secrets, a classic edition of an extraordinary collaborative workshop I was a part of back in 2016. 

 Check it out and be sure to read on for the special code to use at check out:

I had the great fortune to be in tools and techniques last year, during that lesson I gave a tutorial on colorful facial features using watercolors and some simple drawing tools.   While we didn't do the whole face,  isolating on a couple of features can have a bold impact on the viewer and YOU of course.   

Below are the luscious details:
  • 21 SECRETS Flashback sale is a $21 discount on 21 SECRETS Tools & Techniques and 21 SECRETS Color, Color, Color ONLY.
  • To receive your discount, use coupon code: FLASHBACK during check out to receive the discount.
The last day of the Flashback sale is Thursday, November 30th.  Come December 1st -- the sale is done, over, closed, nada

Remember the code will work on only Tools  & Techniques and 21 Secrets Color.

  Have fun and enjoy creating!  

 Happy Thanksgiving everyone, here's to a holiday filled with

 family, friends, laughter and fun.

-Jodi Ohl

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