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Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Favs- Artists Gifts and More!

Beyond the Skyline
20 x 26 Acrylic on yupo paper

New release art supplies by Liquitex! I have been eyeing these up for awhile now and finally pulled the trigger to get them--lush but soft colors, perfect for the artist who has a love for color but wants to paint in a more neutral tones. They also come in these great boxes which are a nice touch for gift giving.  5 acrylic  ink colors and 5 soft body acrylic paint colors.

New to Me...Strathmore Maker Paper!  If you like to draw with markers or pens, or perhaps love to  do illustrations, one thing you probably are always searching for is paper that your ink doesn't bleed (or spread out) as you are illustrating.   This paper DOES bleed through the back side so you can only use one side which isn't a problem to me, but here's the thing---you can draw on the pad and your marker ink doesn't infiltrate to the next  page.   For me, the biggest advantage of this paper is the clean lines you can achieve when drawing and the sturdiness of the paper without being too rigid.  


As long as we are talking about MARKERS.... 
I received these babies as a gift for doing some extra work from a friend of mine as a thank you and I have to say I love them! 24 lush colors in a beautiful and handy carrying case (I can never keep my markers organized)!  They have dual tips (brush and fine point) so you can create bold strokes or more controlled details with this set.   Again, the wonderful case makes for a great gift giving item
Other options:  Smaller 12 count set, .  Fine point pens in black (assorted nib sizes),  Assorted .05 colored illustration pens.   Again most artists would LOVE to find any of these goodies under their tree this Christmas (or any holiday or gift giving moment)!

I'd be remiss if i didn't mention some of my favorite types of paint for water media applications  Golden High Flow which i use in both my 'Grunge Ink,  Abstracts on Yupo, and Zen Painting classes).  This is just one of several sets available,  the paints also come in larger sizes of course.  Love a color?  These paints of course are available in larger sizes, to!

Protecting your work--check out these favs of mine to use! Remember, anytime you use water soluble products on your last layer of your painting (Stabilo Pencils, Pastels, Neo Color Water II Water soluble crayons, charcoal...etc) you should spray a barrier layer (or 2) of spray varnish or workable fixative. If you use brush on varnish before that isolation layer, you will 'smear' the water soluble products. As always, follow the manufacturer's recommendations and use in a well ventilated area, with a breathing mask to protect yourself..


Thank you for joining me for another addition of "Friday Favs"!  If you want to catch up on some of the other recommendations given so far, please check out my page "Favorite Products" I'll be updating that regularly with some of my favorite supplies and product recommendations throughout the year.  I have tried all of these items and use them regularly in my work!

Upcoming classes not to miss!

I'll be back at Donna Downey's studio January 21-22, 2017 to share  my hot new workshop, "Zen Painting" with you!  We had so much fun last year, and I'm soooo excited to be back again in 2017 for more artsy goodness.  BONUS--all supplies are included as are snacks and lunches both days!

For more information, head over to Donna's website HERE.

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