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Friday, October 07, 2016

Friday Favs! Drawing Tool Edition!

Happy Friday Friends!

I thought it would be fun to do a series of posts that share some of my favorite supplies, books, gadgets and who knows what else.....articles...videos, etc.   I really have no plan, I'm just trying to get a bit more regular with my writing and blogging!

So, without further adieu.. Let's talk about my favorite subject today. Art Supplies!! haha

As many of you may know, my newest online class just started this Wednesday (Big Whoohoo)!  We start off with some basic techniques that warm up our drawing, shading, and mark making skills with just a few simple tools.   Just like exercise, warm ups are super important to build a strong 'core'.  Without that strong foundation, you have a harder time really going that extra mile. That strong foundation  can truly elevate your art and or craft.

Here are some of the drawing tools I love and have been using lately, especially for my class:

From top to bottom-

Tombow Pencil: This pencil has a an ultra smooth feel to it, with a crisp line that is strong yet soft, you will definitely feel the difference between a Tombow and other pencils.  I received my first one during Art Journal Live as a swag bag giftie and loved it so much, I bought a whole set! *I  guess that's why manufacturers are happy to add swag bag goodies for big events, folks like us can't help ourselves but to buy more!! lol

Next on the image is the Stabilo Marks all pencil in Black:  Oh my, if you like to do quick sketches and want  shading, grab this pencil! Ultra black and 'smudgeable' when dry,  it's also water soluble when wet.  Add some gesso over the black lines and you get...wait for it....GRAY..LOL.
Just like the title says,  it pretty much marks over everything which is handy, too. I like to use it over my acrylics for line work in my abstracts..

The partner in crime for the Stabilo family of pencils is the ever versatile graphite Stabilo:  Again, create a beautiful gray scale with this pencil dry or wet,  you'll find shading a breeze when incorporating this useful tool in your drawing arsenal.  Soft graphite that is water soluble, a Stabilo pencil is a must have for mixed media and sketching artists of all types.

Last but not least, one of my personal favorite new pencils is the Jerry's Artarama Jumbo Jet Pencil.  It notes on the description that it is a charcoal pencil but I honestly did not realize that until someone pointed it out to me when I recommended it for a class. It acts more like a cross between a china marker (those black pencils with the oil like black led with the paper you unwrap) and a a Stabilo pencil. It writes soooooo well over acrylics which is why I really love it. It too, can be smudged but it's not AS water soluble as the Stabilo pencil. So, if you want your lines to stay in place but yet have a bit of dark shadows and bold marks, this is the pencil for you.  I use it more for accents and drawing over acrylics, but the uses are endless for this wonder tool!

Not pictured in the top image, but as long as we are talking drawing instruments, we do need to sharpen these babies somehow. My favorite portable pencil sharpener is this one by Faber Castell is awesome.  3 sizes of sharperners with a convenient flip top container which holds your shavings, this tool is fantastic. If you order the Jerry's pencil, you need a special larger size sharpening tool so that is another reason why I recommend this particular style.

If you want to learn more about these tools,  you should check out my online class, Zen Painting. You'll be amazed to see how they can be incorporated into abstract drawing and painting!

It's not too late to join in, I can promise you will not be disappointed.  Read more about it by going to our class website  by clicking HERE.

Until next time...have a creative weekend!

Jodi Ohl


Unknown said...

Love the class...! Thank you!

Caroline D. said...

I have to admit, these are some of my favorite "pencils" too! I got hooked on the Jumbo Jerry's when I took your "It's a Whimsical Life" class last year. :) Looking forward to your Friday posts...great idea!

Lillian said...

Friday Favs Fan here! Love info about tools, can never learn enough about products that work well. Can't wait to see what's in store next!

Joanne said...

great new feature -- love learning about different tools --