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Friday, October 14, 2016

Friday Favs! Brushes and Painting Tools Edition 2

WELCOME  To Friday Favs! Watercolor Brush and Tool Edition!

I've been revisiting my love for water colors and of course drawing lately, especially with my new Zen Painting class just launching so I wanted to share a few of the paint brushes I love for that process as well as a couple others that I'm favoring lately. Frankly, I have a lot of favorites and I could go on an on about this topic but I'll try to limit my selections to 4-5 for each post. If you try anything I recommend or have a favorite of your own to feature down the road, leave a comment!  OR...if you are interested in hearing about a particular product, tool, or gadget--let me know! I may have it in my stash that I could show case for you!

First up--Water Brush Pens.  These have become a staple in my to-go journaling stash as well as working on my Zen Paintings.  This set is something new to me, I've tried many different varieties but I'm showcasing these as I just received them in my last order and I love the variety of tips....AND the price is really affordable.  Less than 2.00 a brush is awesome!

More Water Color Brushes-  I buy a lot of art supplies from Jerry's Artarama, and this set is one that is a brand they sell exclusively from what I understand (other than Amazon).  They aren't the best but they are really good for the price and certainly good enough to practice and for students. I've done some large scale work with these brushes and have sold all of them so even for working artists,  they do the job!

Here's a Round set with a fan brush that's a really good start to your collection. I might add one more larger round like a 10 or 12 but truly you have enough selection of the basics in this package to get started:

I do like flats for watercolors, too...I don't use them quite as much but to make sharp lines, you can't go wrong with this set as well:

or get an assortment of flats and rounds(including a pricey large flat) in this set:

One last suggestion for this watercolor brush/tool  edition of Friday favs, are these lidded containers for paint.  In my Zen painting, I do a lot of ink work for my class as well as in Grunge Ink.  When I'm working on a series of paintings, I do like to make my own concoctions of acrylic and or ink paint colors so having a lidded containers is a necessity.  I also use portion cups which are great too except if you travel a lot with your paints.  Not quite as sturdy....ask me how I know!  But still, if you can find the portion cups, you can get about 40-50 for 5-6 dollars.

In case you missed last week's Friday Favs--take a look here

If you'd like to learn more about my Zen Painting Class and join in on the'll be using all of these tools and more during this expansive online course!   Stop by our  class description page and read more about it!

1 comment :

Lillian said...

I save several Talenti gelato containers for water, for rinsing different paint colors (light to dark), and the nut containers from the Starbucks Fruit and Nut boxes for multiple purposes!
I'll have to try the Polar Flos, on your recommendation.