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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Happy Online Birthday !

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It's hard to believe that I started teaching online 7 years ago this month!!  Holy cow!  That decision probably is one of the main catalysts that set me off on the path to working full time as an artist.

It was from there I built the confidence to send work off to magazine publishers and have now been featured in close to 30 articles and collaborative ventures internationally.

The teaching, however, has by far my most treasured experience. Through online teaching I have met literally 1000's of students and artists from around the world that have changed my life for the better.  They add to my life far more than I add to theirs.

Leaping from online teaching to face to face teaching around the country and in Canada most recently, I have connected with many that I met first initially online or some that have read about my work in magazines.    It's been so wonderful to meet the face behind the screen friend I have come to know!

Truly amazing how one or decisions in our life can lead to amazing turning points that can forever change us.  

This month my first online class turns 7 .  In celebration of that milestone, I created a special coupon code you can use in my shop as a thank you!

Use coupon code:   happyonlinebirthday from now until June 19th, 2016.

Save 15.00 off any purchase of 99.00 or more (That's the price of my latest class  Dirty Flirty Birds). You can use it for the class or any artwork over that price.. 

Take a look and see if anything speaks to you!

Thank you for following me in this journey!



Here's a couple more new items in my shop!

art by jodi ohl  zen painting

art by jodi ohl zen painting


Caroline D. said...

Huge congrats to you!! I'm so happy I 'found' you and your wonderful art and extra happy I met you in your workshop at donna's!! Best wishes for many more years of success!

Stephanie said...

happy anniversary! Loving your new paintings