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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

The Beautiful Awful with Alyssa Monks

In 2016 and beyond, I want to share more things that inspire me and hopefully will inspire you as well.  This talk is from one of my favorite portrait artists, Alyssa Monks on how her Mother's passage affected her and her work, as well as her view in life. I found it all  truly moving.

The Beautiful Awful.

In our quest to control the inevitable, we risk missing out on the beauty of a fragile and fleeting moment with our loved ones.

Letting go in our work and allowing it to feel as much as we do, well, it takes on a life all of it's own as it should.

Take a second and listen.

What moments in your life have left you feeling maybe more than you wanted to in the midst of it all?  Once you saw the opportunity to grow and embrace, did you find it  left you a better person for having experienced this moment?

I can think of a few of my own now that I reflect back. I think I'm ready to face those Beautiful Awfuls in my work. Finally.



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Denise Spillane said...

Wow Jodi this hit deep. Thank you. I love her artwork too.

Bea said...

Beautiful. Thank u...