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Monday, January 04, 2016

Boosting Your Creativity over 25 Days!

Hello everyone and Happy New Year!  I had visions of writing a prolific post to launch the New Year with but unfortunately I've been feeling under the weather for the last few days and just been working enough to get by then   Even with a sickly start to the New Year, I feel like there is so much promise for the days, weeks and months ahead! I feel blessed to be doing what I love!   That prolific post will come hopefully sometime this week when I come down from the Mucinex/Nyquil haze! 

 In the meantime, I kicked back this morning and watched the first three days of Creative Jumpstart 2016 and for those of you who have already joined in, I'm sure you are seeing such a diverse treat of great projects showcased in just the first few days!

There's more to come for sure,  and as a featured artist in this program for the second year in a row, I just wanted to be sure to share my excitement with you and encourage you to sign up for this program, especially if you want to learn a variety of techniques and to get introduced to a ton of products you may have no idea that were even out there or how to use them!

Boosting my creativity is on my New Year resolution list, I mean I feel like I'm already creative but I want to EXPAND to a few new horizons and DEEPEN my understanding of products and techniques so I can become a better overall artist.

Wanna jump with me and do the same thing?  Click the link below or the image and learn more about CJS 2016!

                                              Click here to view more details

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Denise Spillane said...

Hope you feel better soon. Looking forward to your lesson.