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Join 100's of students from around the world!
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Monday, November 23, 2015

She's an International Art Educator! :)

Since we last "spoke"  I had a whirl-wind trip to the beautiful city of Montreal to teach a 3 day weekend workshop at Scrapbook Centrale.  

This was my first international adventure teaching and I couldn't have asked for a better group of warm and friendly, not to mention hugely talented students to work with.  The owner of Scrapbook Centrale,  Natalie,  along with her right hand artist extraordinaire, Gisele, were all so wonderful and fun to work with! I had a great time and am  so happy to consider them my new friends:)

 I came back home floating on cloud nine and with paint embedded in my hands like no tomorrow.  It was a good time all around! :)

Here's a little photo montage of just some of our highlights.  Thank you all from Scrapbook Centrale for the memories and hospitality. It was an honor to be working with you!!

If you haven't been able to take a class with me in person, be sure to check out my schedule for 2016--I have lots of dates already posted and have a couple more venues to add on. Hopefully we can connect in the New YEAR!!

Not everyone has time for a full online or in person workshop, these new DVD's are the perfect alternative for you!  Each of my four new dvds are jam packed with over an hour plus of content!   PS...they are all on sale for the next few days!!!

As we begin this week of Thanksgiving many of you will be traveling to see family and friends, please be safe in your journey and enjoy every minute of your time with loved ones!

Happy Almost Turkey Day!

Until we meet again!


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