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Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Heading To Florida! Wanna Join Me??

This week I'm  getting back into the groove after a HUGE month of activities, travel...teaching..and filming (More about all that later!),  so while these last few days have been a bit of down time for me (not really!!), there is still much to do in the studio as I'm heading back out in a little over a week to travel teach as a guest instructor in Melbourne, Florida at the Art More Place.   If you are looking for something fun to do in the sun....near the beach...creative and of course colorful, come join us for a whole weekend full of workshops.  We have a few spaces left in both classes so please spread the word!

  First up will be my Grunge, Ink class, Friday, June 19th  10-4.  We will be 'splishing and splashing' away as we create several amazing abstract pieces.  This is the first time I will be teaching this class live and I can not wait to introduce you all to this fantastic process!!!!

For this class, there is a small 15.00 supply charge that will include Yupo paper,  access to acrylic inks, India Ink,  Golden High Flow Acrylics,  stencils, stamps, along with various other supplies needed for the project.     (if you were to buy all the supplies needed individually, it would easily cost over 100.00).      Just bring a brayer or two, a couple of brushes, and water container--I'll take care of the rest.

To register, click the image above or click HERE.

Next up, we are featuring an extended version of my Funky Little Beachscapes class on June 20th from 10-4  and a morning session to finish up your whimsical masterpieces June 21st.   

For those that have followed my art for a while now...have to know that this is one of my all time favorite classes and genres of painting that I do.  HOWEVER...  this is one of the last times I'll be teaching this particular class for a long time so be sure to take advantage of this opportunity!!  

You'll be working on 1-2 canvases (you can choose the size but I would recommend your main canvas to be at least 16 x 20 so you can really experiment).  

During the course of the class you will learn so many techniques and many of my favorite tricks of the trade, it will make your head spin!!   

If you love color and whimsy, this is the class for you!  

Space is limited so please register today!!

Again, the dates are June 20th and morning session June 21st at the Art More Place in Melbourne, Florida.   

Click HERE for more information!

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1 comment :

ruthanne said...

Jodi, you are the best. Loving your class! Thank you and can not wait until you come again!