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Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Giveaway winner and MORE.

Wow....just wow!   Those of you who stopped by last week and left a comment on the post about moving past your fear.  There were so many powerful messages of victory in the face of adversity,   about rising above anxiety to reclaim one's life,  and comments about rebuilding one's life after the loss of a loved one to name just a few.

The strength and resilience we have as people is sometimes unknown until it has to be tapped into.   Hearing how YOU have tapped into your reservoir of fortitude has been inspiring in itself!
I truly think that there is so really good stuff in this topic that we should explore it some more....hmmmm...I'm thinking, I'm thinking!

In the meantime.....
Thank you for sharing a little piece of your story with us!  

For those of you who missed last weeks post--do go back and read it along with the comments. I'm sure you'll be blown away, too!

Now that I'm 'kinda' done with gushing about my readers, I want to announce the winner of my $40.00 gift certificate to my Etsy shop  (to be used by the end of June).  

Drum Roll.....

Here's the winner's (randomly drawn) comment:

I started taking classes and painting again after over 25 years of NOT painting or sketching. I had put my passion for art on the back burner while I raised my family and worked, but became an avid scrapbooking storyteller. And, I had essentially become a hermit - hahaha! I chose to face the fear of learning (and, re-learning) with groups of strangers at workshops and retreats. I'm happy to say that I've rekindled my artsy interests, learned some wonderful skills, and made some amazing friends in the process. I'm inspired by your quirky colorful images and appreciate the chance to win absolutely anything you'd be giving away!!

Congratulations Rhonda Kay!    If you will email me at   and I will tell you how to redeem your prize.    

Don't forget, there is still time to get in on my 'hellosummer'  Etsy coupon for 10% off anything in the shop.  Coupon valid through 6/12/15.  I still need to get a few more things uploaded to the site, so check back often!!



Are you in or around Florida??   

I'll be teaching in Melbourne,  June 19th-21st at the Art More Place.  I'd love for you to join in on the fun!!

For more details, click HERE.

Until next time....each day is a gift.  Use your GIFTS each day. 
The circle of life. 


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