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Saturday, May 23, 2015

It's All About Them Birds.

Can you guess what I've been painting lately???

I've been on a streak since last November with these crew of characters (plus tons of others that have already sold)!

One thing I've learned as a painter is that you don't have to constantly reinvent the wheel.  As long as you are interested in a topic/genre/style/theme..etc...and it lights your fire, keep doing it!.

While many are variations of one another,  I learn something new every time I create a birdie (and heck, some are even morphing into fishies).   

They make me laugh.

They make me smile.

They even sometimes make me a bit sad....what?  Sad?  Well, honestly, that's what art is all about, you create from your heart and in the moment you are personally in.  The pieces should bring you back or evoke a time or place someone else can relate to.  You have to take the happy with the sad.  The funny with the emotional. 
The bright and the dark.

Continue doing what you long as you are called to do it.   

That's all I have today :)

I'll be off next week to tape some videos for a big media company!!! whooohoo...more about that later!   

Happy Memorial Day,  I am forever grateful for those who gave their lives in the line of duty, serving our great nation so that we may enjoy the life we do, day in and day out.
Thank you for your service.


Magdalena said...

they are absolutely irresistible! these creatures of yours on instagram always brighten my day :) <3

Win Dinn said...

The expressions on their faces just amuse me no end!