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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Defining Moments in Life and Art

I must have heard something while watching TV the other night that guided me to making this page, I'm sure the words were always in me, it just took a trigger to allow them to flow out.  Creating doesn't always take a linear path as one might think.  There are a lot of moving parts that create the line that forms from the past, present and future.    Some of those little dots in life are what I'm calling "Defining Moments".

Those defining moments are the pivotal points in one's life that shape us into the persons we are today.   For all the good and the bad that may come before us, it is the path that we walk along and the turns we end up taking that shape us.  Most of those moments require faith in something greater than ourselves, if for nothing else, than to give us guidance when there is little else to hold on to.
The strength to overcome adversity or to endure in times when life is moving at a pace greater than the speed of life,  is drawn from where or who?  

Can you think of a few Defining Moments in your life? They don't necessarily have to be traumatic or negative moments. More than likely you have a mix of positive and negative events that have occurred that have shaped you into the person you are today.     I know for myself, I have had many turning points that as I look back on now,  are definitely categorized as the turning points for me.

This piece to the right is a copy of one of my first mixed media art pieces ever.   I remember that is was created during a rather dark period of my life yet there was tons of hope in my stride.  But the ability to shine that light was drawn from wells I never knew existed within me.  

Never assume you know the truth behind one's ability to shine......   Why some persevere and some falter is a mystery, but it often comes from something bigger than ourselves.  

During that time of my life, I decided to turn to art as my saving grace.   I have to believe that I had an angel surrounding me helping me to be brave and carry on.     The art that comes out from my heart and head is recipe from all the ingredients from those defining moments that are sometimes never spoken about or rarely focused on anymore....but they are there.  They will always be there.

The more in tune with yourself and your reason for doing what you do....the easier it becomes to allow that flow to surface during your creative sessions.    Turning your truth and recollection of history into a creative memoir whether it be a painting, poem, or short story, is a calling that is hard to ignore.  You never know when that truth will turn another's life around and become their defining moment in life.  

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Regina said...

Thanks for this post. It's encouragement for me at a time when I'm struggling to make arting a part of my everyday routine again. It's a much more joyful journey that way. :-)

Angel's Way said...

I started following your work some time ago. I delight in it and your growth and meanderings. You Share so much with all of us and now more. Thanks so much and thanks to Facebook for introducing you to me.

Hastypearl said...

The older I get, the more that I see that I have defining moments basically all day...everyday. I've had the monumentals...everyone will, but with maturity and being tuned into ourselves, we see the conversation, the redirection much more frequently. Helps keep us more balanced and less of a huge pendulum swing. I think we have to be willing for it...kind of like the tightrope walker. He/she makes a million tiny adjustments All Of The Time:) great posting...:) Laura