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Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Sale On Online Classes and a Question for YOU

Just a little heads up-I'm having a SWEET sale over at Creative Workshops from now until 2/14/15!

Save up to 15%

I started teaching at Creative Workshops  around 2007--can you believe that?    Since that time, I've had the pleasure of working with 1000's of students from around the world.  Pinch me!   It's been a great experience.    Many of these workshops are some of my first classes so they are great for beginners in collage,  acrylic painting,  faces, journaling and more.   

*Each workshop over at Creative Workshop (mine and others)  are lifetime of access, which means until the teacher retires the class you have unlimited access.  Most keep their classes up for several years as long as it's selling regularly. 
Believe in yourself

We are also including a GREAT special for my newest class,  a fun INTENSIVE course, "Podtastic". Intensive in a good way. It's not hard, but there are plenty of exercises to get you warmed up to the main event which is 2 full sized paintings. I'm also sending in this week a bonus lesson where you can watch me paint a circular pod painting from start to really you will have tons of journal and color mixing exercises along with 3 full size painting exercises.  Right now there are 25 videos and approx 5-6 hours of content.   

For more information, click HERE.

In addition to the workshops over at Creative Work Shops, I also teach classes at  hosts 3 full length classes of mine including my hugely popular "Funky Little City Scapes"

And one of my newest contemporary abstract painting classes, "Grunge Ink"

A sample of one of the exercises "Graffiti Landscape"

*Classes over at (mine and others) are for lifetime access, which like Creative Workshops means you have access for as long as the class remains up by the instructor (or host).   My first class over at is going on 2 years of access for the students!

Sample piece from my class, Twinks on Yupo.
Last but not least, I also feature classes over at Colourarte , who is the manufacturer of popular art supplies such as the water colors, Twinkling H20's,  Silks Acrylics, and the newest line of Radiant Gels.  These classes use products from Colourarte in addition to other widely used mixed media supplies for the projects.

Did I mention that each of the students that join in on my classes over at Colourarte receive a 30.00 coupon for product at their shop so you can purchase and get familiar with their supplies! 
*Each class is a 12 month subscription*

Here's a sample from a couple of classes over at Colourarte:

Take your portrait skills to the next level by using intense and unusual colors, texture and radiant glazes.

If you are looking for something NEW and totally fun,  try my course-"Texturize This" .  Tons of great exercises built around a 4 week format, video instruction that is over 4 hours for one low price.

Whether you find something appealing that is on sale right now or a course that is offered elsewhere, I want you to know that in all of my classes I strive to help you grow as an artist and stay active in all of my workshops (during the regular work week) to help you along via forums or private messaging.  

You'll always find a large amount of detail and techniques in all of my demonstrations.   While I do have some speed play in my classes, I only do so after I've explained AND shown you why I do what I do so you aren't left guessing on what I'm using or why I'm making a particular choice.

There's enough flexibility to do things YOUR way along with healthy doses of guidance around the projects so you aren't left floating in the wind of inspiration that may or not be there.

High quality videos taped in my home studio so you feel like you are right there with me painting along.

Anyway, I thought I'd share some of my creative instruction currently available to my students online.

Here's a Question!

Is there something you'd like to see me do in 2015?

I have a rough draft on some of my upcoming projects but I'd love to HEAR from you via comments or emails ( jodiohl  at hotmail dot com) on what classes you would love to see.

***Something I'm thinking about*** 
..would you be interested in a small intimate group of students who get more one on one attention in the form of skype/email conferences and group meetings around topics such as running a creative business,  setting up an etsy shop, blog, facebook and other social media marketing;  or painting/collage/journaling techniques and critiques?
Not sure if I could do it this spring but perhaps something in the early summer if I have enough interest.

Message me if this would be YOU and I'll add you to my mailing list for private instruction interest.
jodiohl at hotmail dot com


I've been REALLY busy loading up my shop with tons of new items including fun bookmarks,  whimsical note cards  and post cards and of course, original art.  There truly is something for everyone!

Take a look:

30 x 30  Waiting for You


Win Dinn said...

As I sit here drooling over your photos, I'm SO thankful the net makes it possible to see such outstanding work. Thank you for posting!

Emma said...

Oh my heck! Your art is beautiful :) I love your style! It makes me miss my art supplies back home - I can't wait to get back into my supplies when I get back home next December!
What inspires you?