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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Cozy up and get Grungey! Special price ends 10/31

I've been running real hard lately kids, and a bit behind in my posting. Lots of good stuff to share once I get a chance to catch my breath. (really great things for sure!) Running towards good things I might add, shared with great people who have touched my heart, changed my life and filled my well with gratitude.  

There has been lots of travel over the last several months starting last March in  the hills of NC near Asheville, to the coast of the Outerbanks,  a stop around Easter over on the coast of SC before heading  South and West to Memphis for an event for Art Is You.

Add  a visit back home to NY,  more work in NJ, CT, Chicago, Dallas,  before heading  back to the Outer Banks last week.. oh wait, . one more trip to Texas this week coming up before I can stop for a bit and breathe in all the goodness and reflect on how awesome and amazingly full my artistic life has become.  

 While all the running and travel has been great, it makes coming home all that more sweet especially when it's greeted with a great big bear hug from my amazing little big 14 year old sweet heart. I'm sure you can imagine how much the hug means to me every time I manage to get one.....(you know those times are fewer and farther in between).

    I'm working on a few things this week so hopefully I can buckle down and get those finished so I can catch you up in more detail about all the fun that's been had in between the 1000's miles of travel!


In the meantime, I wanted to be sure you had a chance to join in one of my online classes that just started up and take advantage of this special sale over at for their whole site.  Save 25% off any workshop with the code October14

That would include my classes:

Why don't you take a breather this week, too and join in one of these super fun classes from home so you can create your heart FULL.???    

*Remember this offer ends on 10/31.   Don't delay!  

I'll be back soon.  Promise. :) I have lots more goodness to share with you including big news!

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