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Tuesday, September 02, 2014

She's A Girl That's Untangling

A few months ago as I was preparing for my first round of classes at Art Is You in Memphis--I took out my watercolors and practiced working on my "Girl Untangled" and couldn't help but notice how delicious these colors were sitting on my palette almost like little jars of hard candy ready for consumption.   Watercolors were my first love when I started painting years ago. I loved the free flowing movement you could achieve that was somewhat unpredictable and a bit softer around the edges.   At the time, I just needed to flow with out barriers. Working in that medium allowed me to do just that. Funny how you are drawn creatively to exactly what you need when you need it (if you are open to that type of inspiration)

You can see from my original sample that the background is a melding of many different colors but the added surprise elements come from the doodles and candy like colors surrounding this "Girl Untangled".   In addition to first loving watercolors, I have always loved doing portraits and have seen an evolution of myself with each and every one that I do.   Creating portraits whether realistic or stylized can be another way to immerse yourself into an almost meditative state of creativity. At least for me, I almost make up stories about my subjects.  I've been told that many look like me. Not that I go around with head dresses or crazy jewelry or outfits (well maybe sometimes), but it's hard not to capture your own likeness at times even in the smallest of ways.

Not all watercolor artists use pen in their work, but we aren't regular artists, are we?  As a mixed media artist, I tend to try new things a lot, see what works, what doesn't, and push the boundaries from the traditional method of operation.    Doodling and watercolor seem to go hand in hand to me.  It is fairly portable, a great way to get lost, and most definitely a fun way to de-stress while still creating beautiful pieces of art that aren't exactly 'traditional'.
I'll be teaching this class again in October at Art is You in Stamford, Ct. If you are looking to explore watercolor (we will be using Twinkling H20's that I will be providing for you!!),  doodling and portraiture, consider taking this class with me.  We touch on drawing facial features so that you have a well rounded understanding on how to not just paint, but draw your "Girl Untangled" as well. I step out each of the steps for you and with you before we go on to our main project.
As you can see from this picture and my sample projects, I am one that uses a lot of color, even in my faces.  I don't know about you, but even without makeup, my skin tone is about 40 colors. :)  I can help you think outside the box and explore the 'not-so-traditional'.  You don't have to follow a formula.  You can just be you.  We will be working on traditional watercolor paper for this class, and truly, other than a few brushes and some pens--I have most everything taken care of for you.
Consider joining me and see how you can combine Twinkling H20s (watercolors), doodling, and portrait work in a relaxing atmosphere full of creative types just like you.  You'll walk in the class room by yourself or with a friend and walk out a new person with a new sisterhood of people just like you (oh and a super cool work of art, too!).

Take a look at some of the lovely students from Memphis and their girls in progress.  You can do this, too!    To find out more information on this class offering: Girl Untangled  click HERE.

UPDATE--PLEASE NOTE:  Registration for Art Is You this October in Stamford, CT  closes September 15th!!!! You need to register before then to get the classes of your choice and participate in the event.  (You can add on classes later if avail and not sold out..but you have to pick your main selections before the closing date of September 15th).

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