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Friday, September 12, 2014

Deals, Deadlines, and News Part 3

Hopefully your head isn't about to pop off yet with my part 3 of my Deals, Deadlines, and News series of posts and updates! Mine   I don't think I could possibly pack anymore into my last few weeks than I have honestly.  As I said before though, it's all good and I'm soooo grateful to have all these experiences to share and awesome sauce news to get you up to speed with!

Some of you may know that I've been teaching all summer long at Create Mixed Media Retreats (ran by the folks at FW Media/ North Light/  Cloth Paper Scissors), first in July in Somerset, NJ (my 3rd year there!!!)

I just returned from a huge event in Chicago for Create where I met even more creative and fun lovin' peeps!   Oh my, what talent!!

4 classes, vending, open studio nights, demos, wine with my roomie Jacquie--I mean really what more could you ask for?  

Perhaps a do over in Texas???? Ya, let's get our boots on, grab the paint brushes, and head to Dallas! That's my big news for this post--My house is a pure T disaster as I have boxes of class schtuff, art to sell, paintings in progress, lists everywhere as I prepare to drive to this far and away but super cool place for Create Mixed Media Retreats, Dallas, Tx! NEXT WEEK!!

I've never been to Dallas before and I've certainly never driven that far so I'm excited, scared, can't wait, but need more time! lol all those things put together but in the end, I know this is going to be a fantastic first event and even better, you can join in the fun still! Yes, there are open seats in several classes (including mine!).  I'm looking forward to meeting a whole new group of students in just a few days.

I'll be teaching 5 classes, yes 5!!!! Holy cow, there is going to be a colorful explosion of fun and adventure down in the southwest!

Glazed and Not so Confused is a class that really rocked the socks off the peeps in NJ and Chicago, but we still have space in Dallas for you to join in the fun. Honestly, if I had a dollar for everyone that said they wished they had taken the class after they saw all the cool projects/samples and pieces that came out of each of the classes..I'd be able to buy me a new pair of cowgirl boots! :))!!  Seriously, I want to thank the folks at Ampersand Claybord and Colourarte for supporting me in my teaching efforts, you guys bring awesome products to the market and I'm thrilled to share some of the potential with everyone.  

One of my new classes, Water Flowing Selfie is also supported by Colourarte and the kind folks at Yupo Paper!   Believe me, this is a combination that is stunning -watercolors + Yupo paper creates some of the brightest candy like pieces you've ever seen!

There are lots of cool classes to choose from and as an instructor, I want you to know that I value you as a student and your choice to spend your hard earned money with me, trusting in my guidance and ability to lead you along this stop in the creative journey.  I hope if you were on the fence about coming to the event, you take that leap of faith and join us.  
If you can't take a class, there is always  the artist faire Friday evening to join in, it's free to browse--with lots of original art, prints, jewelry, unique supplies and more! It's only from 6-9 with a TON of drawings for door prizes from all the vendors, how could you resist??

The other day the folks at Cloth Paper Scissors blog asked me to share some painting advice so Here is a little article I wrote about some of my essential tools.

I have more deals, deadlines, and news to share but I think this is more than enough for one day (pheweeee, 3 posts in one day!!!!!).  Life is good. Hope you have a great weekend!

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L.O. said...

I am jealous of everyone who gets to attend one of your workshops and gets to work with you one on one. I live in an area of the country where we don't even have local shops or artists to learn from. One day I hope you offer your Angelic Inspirations class online. I would sign up for it in a heart beat.