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Friday, September 12, 2014

Deals, Deadlines and News Part 1!

As per my usual MO lately, I have more on my check list than can humanly be finished in 3 months but I try to pack it in a week or two's time!  Is anyone else like that or am I the only crazy person here?!!!  Well I figured I'd update my bloggedy and Newsletter family/friends/fans in small chunks with all the big news of the last month and upcoming months in my mini series (haha):

Deals, Deadlines, and News!!!

Okey my first dealio has to do with my NEW online class. Oh my guys. I have been blown away by the response to it. It has fast become one of my best selling online classes and it just opened today!! whooohooo!       Because of that response and because I didn't get to advertise it on my newsletter just yet, we are extending the early bird price through Sunday, 9/14/14  (which is also my big baby boys 20th Birthday...Happy almost Birthday, Zach!!!!!)  

What are we going to be doing in Grunge Ink?  Well, first off we learn about some super cool shizzle we can do with the Inks, Fluid Acrylics, High Flow Acrylics, and Yupo paper; then we move on to several additional and more complex combinations of layers before moving onto 5 process demonstrations where you see how to create some cool bean paintings from start to finish using this "Grunge Ink" process.  Including this final piece here (a sneak peek).

I'm already thinking about a part 2 to this class so get in now, learn the techniques and then we can move on to an intermediate class and make even BIGGER and crazier grungy paintings!! ;)

Access to the class: Open ended and ongoing, no closing date scheduled for this class so as long as Icreateflix will host the class, it will be open for your viewing pleasure. Actual time it will take to work through the class? I suggest taking 3-4 weeks but you can work at your own pace/faster/slower whatever floats your boat.

My interaction:  I try to be ACTIVELY involved with all my classes the first 6 weeks on a frequent basis and then after that on an as needed, so if you need help and sign up 3 months after the class opens, no worries, I will still be there to guide you :))

Price--super duper reasonable,  85.00 is the regular price for a HUGE amount of video demonstrations and discussions (21 in all) and approx 4 hours of footage and 5...yes 5 main projects (you may want to get several pads of the Yupo paper and even perhaps one or two of their big daddy sheets as this process is addictive!!!

  SALE price:  70.00.  Don't delay though, that price ends this weekend!  9/14/14.   I strive to keep my prices affordable but to be honest, I am going to have to raise them slightly in the new year, so get in NOW at the lowest price it will be going forward!!!

That's about it for Gunge Ink!  Join us today!  OH no, one more thing---My WINNER for a free tuition to the class is Sara Schilling who won the spot out of my newsletter signups!  Congrats Sara!

More info and to register, click here:  GRUNGE INK

On to the next update:)  



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