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Pre-Register at a great Sale Price
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Join 100's of students from around the world!
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Friday, February 28, 2014

And One Final BIG BIG Giveaway!!! Check Out What's New~

Wooosh....can it be Friday already? I feel like the week is just beginning when in reality it is coming to a close and we are heading into  what promises to be a beautiful weekend. Well, beautiful is a matter of one's perception, the weather cast aside, our weekends and days for  that matter are what we make of it.  If we manifest beauty, I wholeheartedly believe it will come to be.  What is that you are doing to enjoy life in your down time?    Visiting the beach?   Playing sports? Hanging out with friends?  Infusing some creative time into your routine? Going to a show?  Cooking a great dinner?   All the above?   Whatever it is, take time to live and really just enjoy life. now onto the 'biz'ness of this post!

Myself along with my creative business partners over at ReMe are doing one last major giveaway for our blog hop where the winner is going to  take home 3 fantastic prizes, including one of my original paintings.
6x12 mixed media acrylic painting "Let The Sun Shine"

To enter to win this painting and the rest of the goodies in our amazing prize package from all the instructors at ReMe Retreats,  stop over to the blog and make your comment there! 

As many of you may know, I create a series of paintings called "Funky Little Cityscapes" and have a
have a class showcasing those techniques so as an added bonus for this weekends blog hop, I am also offering a giveaway of a print of one of my beach or waterway paintings, Sunset Beach.   To win an 8x10 reproduction of this painting, leave a comment and tell me one or two things you are going to do this weekend to Rest, Relax, or Renew yourself.   Drawings go through Sunday evening and will be announced this Monday morning.  Good Luck!!

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froebelsternchen Susi said...

fantastic - I am off to blog hop now!

Tiffany McGuckin said...

My time is usually spent on the BUSINESS of art. This weekend, I shall create some art! Love and hugs to you Jodi!

Erin Fish said...

This weekend I am relaxing by sketching faces and going to a beading class (something new for me to rest, relax, renew and rejoice). Thank you for your generous give away!

Brittany said...

This weekend I am planning on doing all three: Rest, Relax and Renew! Tomorrow morning I will start with Yoga to Renew, relaxing on the couch while needle felting, and followed by cuddling with my dogs to rest!

Melanie said...

I am teaching a workshop ... for the first time ever ... at my home! I have dreamed of and wanted this for so long now ... but I am a bit nervous about it. Hope it goes smoothly!

Giggles said...

Beautiful work so full of whimsy and favorite!

I am going to write and create....

Hugs Giggles

Barbara Sartain said...

Spending time with my daughter and her horse followed up by completing 3 ornaments for a swap!!! LOTS OF FUN!!!

Dianne said...

preparing backgrounds in two journals while hubby is watching the Clipsal 500 (car racing).

Anonymous said...

hi jodi, wish i could say i was going to painting away like YOU. i do plan on trying to catch up on my journal and if the rain stops here in so cal then on sunday i will be doing charity work outside. thanks so much for all your inspiration and giveaways. xoxo

Lynn Wayne said...

Mandalas - my new obsession. As soon as Olive & I get back from the vet!

Art Expression said...

This weekend I am going to West Palm Beach Bluegrass BBQ Festival, last night Ricky Skaggs was there....Great Show

LisaS said...

Beautiful painting. My interpretation of the 3Rs this weekend
Rest .. Sleep
Relax.. Hot bath
Renew.. Run!

Linda Poche said...

Relaxing with a gathering of friends this weekend and resting with a good book :)

Maureen Hayes said...

I plan on attending a talk by an author I love at my local Barnes and Noble tomorrow! Thanks for all the wonderful posts related to Re-Me, they have made me stop and realize how much I need this. I wish I could afford a spot at the Oct. retreat, as I now live in Atlanta, but my circumstances won't allow me to afford it. I know it will be life changing for those who can attend and I wish all of you the best with it. I am beyond thrilled that someone is finally offering something like this for those of us on the East Coast to attend! With you as part of it it can't help but be wonderful!

Big hugs,

Lynn said...

I have been doing a little art and getting some other things done. I'm really looking forward to Ocracoke! So glad I decided to attend while you still had space!