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Saturday, January 18, 2014

That Happy Place

Happy Sweet Saturday!

I hope its a gorgeous sunny day wherever you are and you are enjoying a moment with your family and friends, or are tucked away blissfully in your art studio or perhaps a quiet moment with a good book.  

I'm not quite sure what's on my agenda today. I have tons of work to do  and a project to finish before Monday but I also want to just chill out and take a breather. :)  I think I'm in an ultimate nesting mode lately.   

After reading all the comments from my post earlier this week (which BTW I'm going to announce the winner in just a bit and an extra bonus!!),  I'm reminded that the places that give us most comfort and joy, happiness and a sense of peace often has to do with our family and friends, a trip to the ocean or a drive to the mountains. There are certain places that bring back memories that will forever wrap us up in a blanket of comfort and joy.  I'm not advocating giving up work to play all the time but  Take a breather.  Take a walk. Drive to the beach.  Hike to the mountains.  Visit that thrift store.  Grab an ice cream cone at the corner Tasty Freeze.  Eat a blue plate special at the local diner with some friends.  Grab a book and your favorite hot beverage and sit at the coffee shop for 30 minutes.  Take a 3 day vacation if you can't set aside a whole week.  

No one wants to be remembered as the Mom, Sister, Wife, Daughter that just worked a lot. I think we want to be remembered for the memories we create with one another.  Our laughter. Our silliness. A kind heart and gentle smile.

Life can be overwhelming if it's just go go go. I'm realizing that more and more over the last 10 or so years.  

This weekend, find that happy place of yours once again and take a few minutes to enjoy the moment and make some memories:)

Congratulations to Annette (who I don't have an email for so if anyone knows Annette, please let her know she won my giveaway!!!)

Art4me said... Jodi, anyplace I go, with my husband in tow, is the place that makes my heart glow!

Thanks for the opportunity to win a piece of YOUR art . . . . . . . WOW!



Here's the bonus: 

Because I had over 100 comments and visitors to my post, I decided to upgrade the prize to a bigger piece so Annette, You can pick one of the shaped houses posted on my etsy shop or one of the square 8x8 pieces in this mini collection. Just let me know which one you'd like and it's yours!!

Until we meet again, Artfully Yours,


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