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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Taking a Well Crafted Break!

I have to admit, I have a couple of addictions lately  One being binging on Pinterest for several hours at a time when I should going to bed, searching for cute holiday projects, recipes, or ornaments.   I see so much it becomes overwhelming and instead of doing something, I do nothing. 

My other addiction is the show the Chew. There are are very few episodes that I've missed, there's just something about the hosts easy banter, fun projects and accessibility of recipes. I also have a chef crush on Michael Symone...and hope that one day I can watch the show in person! I just love their easy banter, accessible recipes, and fun that they have with each other. Sometimes I watch in person while working in my own studio, but most nights before I go to bed, I catch up with the dvr and just wind down...I know crazy,

Okay, so back to my point. I'm just feeling crafty lately. I know in my head I should be making big brilliant paintings or at least attempting to, getting ready for an upcoming show, working on my classes, building my inventory for the summer back up again...but but...all I want to do is stay in my jammies, grab a cup of coffee and just experiment and play. You need that break from your normal routine every once in a while to refill the well and to generate new ideas in a relaxed, not rushed manner..  I still feel like I"m forever catching up.
I still feel like it's hard to take a day off even though I can count on one hand how many full days I've taken off in the last few months.

During my little self imposed break, I'm going to just experiment for a while so I can ease up on the demands..not every day but certainly make more time for playing on a week to week basis.
On Pinterest, I saw THIS project and loved it, the colors, the idea...everything but the hot glue

I put it on the backburner file as a might try, and then I saw "The Chew" and Clinton Kelly had a great idea about putting screw eyes in the pine cones as an ornament so what I did here, is a combination of both projects.  Pine cone ornaments on a woodland swag.  

I just 'winged' the directions, using jute string, pine cones, buff colored paint, and burlap along with wired ribbon.  The screw eyes aren't easy to put in but if you stick with it, they work perfectly. I also added strings on the screw eyes because I thought they may hang nicer . and so far so good..they haven't 'slid' one bit'. 

It's December 11th. If you haven't taken time out to do something holiday related, whether it be decorating, cooking, crafting, or sledding....what are you waiting for?  Time is ticking so quickly, Christmas will be here before you know it!

**Stay tuned this week...I have some fantastic giveaways planned starting on Friday which just happens to be my 45th birthday (what what????? can it be so???).  Anywhoosers, stop back and see what offers and giveaways I have planned!


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