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Thursday, December 12, 2013

Birthday Celebration!! Pay What You Can!!

UPDATE:  Thank you so much for your enthusiastic replies to my "Pay What You Can"


All the Requested Contributions will be considered, I will work on notifying everyone that filled out their form by Monday (December 16th) on whether or not we can honor their request.   Again, thank you so much for your enthusiastic response, what fun this has been!!

It's My Birthday "Pay What You Can" Celebration!
Hello everyone, it's Friday the 13th (or almost if I finish this blog before midnight..:) and it's my 45th Birthday! Whooohoo!

(wishin' I was lounging on some beach or relaxin on a WARM lake arting with a drink with a little umbrella in my hand....but us December babies in cold (ish) climates don't have that luxury)

 Yes, time is a ticking but I feel good, feel young..and feel like celebrating by doing something I've never done before. Why not? It's my birthday and I can party if I want to. 
 Personally...I'm going to relax today for rizzle.  I do have a little work to do (always can be doing something) but I'm going to take a break and just have an easy day.    Go work out at the pool which I've come to really enjoy except when the sexy (not) synchronized swimmer couple are there...haha..a story for another time,  maybe go buy myself a pressie, and then have dinner with the boy and and couple of friends. Nothing fancy but I do love going to a Japanese steakhouse for's something the boy and I have been doing for the last couple of years so we are keeping that tradition going.
I'm still single so I guess my celebrating is going to not include anything romantic (is that ever going to change??lol)  but hanging out with some of my favorite people is just what the doctor ordered, and I'm blessed to be surrounded with lots of good friends who are like family to me. 
Maybe I'll get my toes done...not sure.  I have no plans to show them off anytime soon but having a pedicure is just so relaxing, it may be something I do just cuz.
It's my birthday:)))

Okay so back to my special event!
This is the first time I've ever done something like this, I've heard about events like this, and always thought it was way cool..but I never got around to organizing it.  Well, it's taking me about all day to figure it out but I think I have a plan that will work. Whether or not it will be successful or not, who knows but I hope that I can offer something that one or more of you have been wanting but may have not had the exact amount I've been asking or have seen an original but wanted a print (I don't sell prints very often so this is a BIGGGGG offer y'all)!

Any whoosers, here are the details:

Below you will see three sections.
1. Prints
2. Originals
3. Online classes

I've offered up a selection of prints (some NEVER before offered), a few select originals and a couple of my online classes.  You'll see the sizes or sizes available, quantity if applicable, and the suggested retail price along with the shipping cost. should see a clickable link "Pay What You Can".  If you click that link,you will go to a form to fill out that will ask you the pertinent information along with your 'contribution' amount, then payment amount.   I will consider ALL  Reasonable Requests. 
In addition, I will offer payment plans for items more than 200.00.  
Heck, if you need a payment plan for something that's a little lower, I'll do that too,  via paypal installment plans, and I'll even send you the item ahead of time. This is the honor system and I want to honor you as my loyal customers and friends.'s the clincher.  

I'm only offering this until 9:00 pm Saturday evening so it's a little over 36 hours to try to accommodate time zones, missed emails, dog eating my coupons, etc. etc..when the offer expires, it's over....cut off.  No more.
So don'tchya wait:))


 Other details:
Prints are from a professional print lab so the shipping time will need to include a 3-4 business day lag time for they processing and shipping to me. I will make every effort to expedite the process back to you if you need the order for Christmas. I sign all prints so the mailing back to you will be after I receive it from my partner company. 

Shipping:  Shipping is extra on top of your contribution request

*I try to ship at the most economical way possible. Some of the paintings listed are oversized and do cost a bit to ship. Please read the description of every item review the shipping costs.  The prices quoted for domestic shipments only,  international will have to be quoted after the fact. 

Any questions?  Email Me!
jodiohl AT hotmail dot com

At this time, I am not doing custom orders until after the holiday but you are welcome to request a custom never know, we could possibly put something really cool together!

Okay so take a look at my Pay What You Can offers, tell 'Santa' to take a look, too! 
Share this post if you can (by copying the link onto your social media site), I really appreciate it!

This Section is Comprised of PRINTS. 
*Prints come unframed and will be printed offsite at a high quality, professional printer. All prints will be signed by the artist.
"It's Not Complicated"

Sizes  &  Suggested Prices
  8x 10  $28
11x 14 $ 35
 Medium: Kodak Lustre Finish
Quantity Avail: Open Ended

Shipping:  5.00

"Dance of the Jellyfish"
Sizes  & Suggested Prices

8x8 28.00
10 x 10 35.00
12x12 50.00
 20x20 75.00

 Medium: Kodak METALLIC  Finish
Quantity Avail: Open Ended

Shipping:  5.00-8.00

Sizes  & Suggested Prices
  8x 10  $28
11x 14 $ 35
 Medium: Kodak Lustre Finish
Quantity Avail: Open Ended

Shipping:  5.00

Sizes  & Suggested Prices

8x8 28.00
10 x 10 35.00
12x12 50.00
 20x20 75.00

 Medium: Kodak Lustre Finish
Quantity Avail: Open Ended

Shipping:  5.00-8.00

"Sun Rise In"

Sizes  & Suggested Prices

8x8 28.00
10 x 10 35.00
12x12 50.00

 Medium: Kodak Lustre Finish
Quantity Avail: Open Ended

Shipping:  5.00-8.00

Sizes   Suggested Prices
  8x 10  $28
11x 14 $ 35
16x 20 $65
 Medium: Kodak Lustre Finish
Quantity Avail: Open Ended

Shipping:  5.00-8.00

"Relax Inn"
Sizes  & Suggested Prices

8x8 28.00
10 x 10 35.00
12x12 50.00


 Medium: Kodak Lustre Finish
Quantity Avail: Open Ended

Shipping:  5.00-8.00

This Section Includes ORIGINAL items, therefore,  there is only one of each available. Requests for contributions will come in as a first come first serve basis, with the   Highest Requester ultimately securing the option to purchase the chosen item. All contribution requests will be considered and we will strive to honor as many requests as we can,  however we do reserve the right to cancel requests if it is not reasonable. Payment plans may be considered.
Size: 30x30 by 1 1 /2 stretched Canvas Ready to hang
Medium: Acrylic Mixed Media
Shipping: $30.00
Quantity avail: 1
Suggested Retail Price:  $625

"Rise Above"
Size: 18 x 36  by 1 1/2
Medium: Mixed Media Acrylic Painting
Quantity Available: 1
Shipping:  $20.00

Suggested Retail Price:   $275

pending sale at suggested price:)

"Mary Mary"

Size: 30 x 15  3/4
 Medium: Mixed media Acrylic Painting
Quantity Available:  1
Shipping:  20.00

Suggested Retail:  $225

"Goodness Rules"
Size:  24 x 30  by 3/4
Medium: Mixed Media Acrylic
Shipping:  25.00
Quantity: 1

Suggested Retail:  $285

"Trust" Angelic Inspirations 2013
Size: 6 x 12 by 3/4
Medium: Mixed Media Acrylic on canvas
Shipping:  6.00
Quantity: 1

Suggested Retail:  $45

**PENDING SALE at suggested price**


Online Classes:

The classes offered are for open ended self study classes held at a private, secure website. You must have high speed internet videos to view the class online.  Students work at their own pace, 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

"Behind You"
A mini Portrait class using acrylics, watercolor paper and drawing materials.  Beginners welcome!

 Medium: Online Workshop
Quantity Available: 15

Suggested Retail:  $30.00

"Sweet Art"

 Medium: Open Ended  Acrylic painting Workshop
Quantity Available: 20
Shipping: FREE  (online viewing)

Suggested Retail:  $60


Laurie said...

Happy Birthday Jodi! Hope you have a great day!,
Laurie (Art Is You- Stamford 2013)

Art Expression said...

Happy Birthday Jodi =). I hope you have a wonderful day.

Evelyn said...

Happy Birthday! We share the day! Hope it is fabulous for you.

Jessica Sporn said...

hope your birthday and year are filled with all the love and light you so readily give to the rest of us!

Deanna Baranowsky said...

Happy Birthday Jodi! I hope you have a most wonderful day!!!

Freule van Oijen said...

Happy birthday Jodi. I wish you a very creative and loving year!
Greetings from Oijen, Holland!
Anne Marie

Jo Anne O. said...

Happy Birthday, JOdi! I am still looking at MY flowers, thought it had sold on Vendor Night at AIY...still loving it and hoping to convince Santa I NEED it! :)

Anonymous said...

I am lucky enough to own the 20x20 jellyfish print and just want to let everyone know the prints are beautiful quality! Thank you Jodi!!

Diana Caho said...

Wow, Jodi, you look absolutely beautiful for 45. Wish I looked that good when I was 45. Happy Birthday Beautiful! Thank you for being so generous.

Lura said...

jodi i sent you a primvate message via fb. hope you get it in time it is about a class. hope you had the bes birthday ever. xoxo

Charlene said...

Happy Belated Birthday Jodi! I hope you had a wonderful day.
Thanks for the opportunity to take one of your classes with your Pay What You Can birthday gift. I hope there is room for me.

lindsey piereder said...

Thank you for giving us the pay what you can class option!